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March 28, 2009



Super cute outfits, and great pictures. And, of course, your daughter looks like she is having a great time.
My family may be moving to the IF/Blackfoot area. Do you mind telling where your daughter takes dance? My daughter takes dance, and she would like to find another group if we move.
Thanks for your help. :D


MAN is she ever adorable!!! You always have the cutest photos! Can't wait to see the layouts you'll make!


Carmenwalker1@yahoo.Sorry I forgot to leave this. Only if you have time. Life is busy. Thanks again Carmen


I love checking out your blog, You look like ya'll just have so much fun in life. Your pictures are the best, I was wondering how you upload so many pics? I have typepad also, but it takes sooooo long & can only do one at a time. Am i doing something wrong? Sorry to bother you but you seem really experienced at all this blog stuff. Have a great day. Was that wheat grass growing, I saw in one of your pictures a couple of post back? Hows your garden coming, I saw your seed post. Fun

Robyn Longhurst

Hey! The little girl on the front row, Morgan, is my cousin's (Boe) little girl.

Their outfits are cute!

Jana Eubank

Looks like she's having so much fun! I love the colors of their outfits!


does the little girl with your daughter in the 4th picture have her tongue pierced? just wondering...

Alison Behan

Cute pic and FUNKY outfits!!!!

Bernadine Cook

So sweet Sherelle! I love your photos and blogs, read them everyday. Your girls are quite the dancers and they look like they are having a blast


Absolutely Spectacular pics Sherelle! LOVE the cute outfits!!! Brings back good memories of my daughter's dance recitals!! Cherish those moments!

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