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February 04, 2009



Love the pictures of Island Park!! Can we see more!! Please? Lily is so stinkin cute in those V. Day pics!! He makes me LOL

Alison Behan

Haven't tried them .....yet. Have missed your blog though :-). I have a few loyal ones that I log onto and when they don't update it throws me through a loop. LOL. It's all good now though, **phew**.

It's snowing in Dublin but I'm a big sissy and don't like it much. Don't know how all you gals cope with it:-)

Shelly B.

I always love the cabin pics! Kids in snow clothes just always look cute and the white snow makes all the bright colors pop...well, that and PS! ;)

I am making the tin foil dinners Sunday for us and a family I am taking dinner to...hopefully their kids will think it's cool!


I tried the tin foil dinners and i thought my kids would never quit eating! they were sooooo goood! thank you so much for the new family favorite!


Pictures in the snow are always beautiful, it is amazing how attractive the snow is !
I am 36 but I like it like a child !
When the first snow arrives, I feel so nervous, I imagine what clothes we'll wear, I ask me if the "traineau" (I don't know the name in English but it means a kind of bobsleigh) is ready...
I love that !

Olga Dakis

We tried them two days ago. It was super easy and everybody LOVED them! Thanks for sharing!!!

lori jolley

We had them! The kids said it reminded them of camping!


We actually had your tin foil dinners last night and everyone loved them...especially Sawyer, my 18 month old. We did it with the gravy and that was yummy!


I'm trying them tonight - but I've been looking forward to them for a whole week now! Can't wait to get started :)


I haven't tried the tin-foil dinners yet, but I absolutely plan to.

Fabulous pictures from Island Park. The colors look so vibrant against the snow. What a fun way to beat the winter blahs.

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