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February 12, 2009


Kim M.

I made some matchbook Valentine's last year and am going to do them again this year. (Why mess with a good thing, right?:)) Do you remember what digi kit the darling dinosaur element you used back then came from? Looking for something similar. Thanks tons.


Thanks for the fun ideas and things. (I got your cute Valentine's treat topper from Emily. Hope that's okay with you . . . !)


Do you give photography advice? Your pictures are fantastic! Also, do you sell digitally?

THanks! Love your blog!!


Oh Sherelle where did you get this years cute matchbox treats love the pretty papers with the little hearts...I want some!!! :) Bonnie x

Ranay Thompson

You always have such cute ideas! And you're lucky to be able to make homemade goodies - my kids' schools won't allow anything homemade. Thanks for sharing your ideas!


Too cute! You're such a fun little mom! When I grow up I want to be just like you Sherelle! Seriously!
Those are such fun Valentines. And Lily's little outfit is simply to die for! Props to your mom.


In Belgium we celebrate Valentine but not like in the US, not so much, unfortunately because I like it very luch ! I LOVE the idea of the matchboxes ! Do you agree to tell me where you found the one you used this year ?
Thanks you so much !
Happy Valentine !


Sherelle....do you ever sleep? You are too amazing! Why don't you start a monthly class and teach us all of your fun things?...except then it probably wouldn't be fun for you anymore:) Thanks for sharing!

Desire Fourie

Oh wow, this was now a real Valentines treat reading about all the special treats the Christensen's have loving created. Your photography is just stunning. Have a great Valentines tomorrow. Hugs from Desire

Jana Eubank

You are such a cute mom! I love the glittery play-doh! And I'm sooooo remembering those matchbook valentines for next year! ADORABLE!!! Thanks for always sharing your creativity! :D


Everything you do is so cute and fun! I love the rice krispies, the cute outfits on your girls and your valentines... adorable.

Katie H.

The valentine treats are soooo cute and super easy. Thanks for passing the idea on. Also, I think the valentines are extra super cute but I have to ask do you print all that stuff out at home and if so, what kind of printer do you use?


Hi Sherelle, I look at your blog regularly but am a bit shy when it comes to comments but I just wanted to say what a fantastic valentine idea. And the photos of your children are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your great ideas.


Sherelle, you are just the cutest mom of all time. How in the world you do it all, I'll never know! LOVE every single bit of this post!


Those Valentines are so cute! It is a little unfair how talented you are you know? Love the playdough. Maddy would just eat it though...


LOVE the matchbook valentines w/their pics on them!! SO cute! Will have to remember that for next year! It was great to chat with you this morning too..thanks for that! ;) Hope YOU have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend with your family!


sooo... word on the street is someone sent you some adorable bracelets, and I would really like to see them. haha

ps- your mommy told me. me and my mother ran into her today.


Oh my goodness - I love the dinosaur matchbooks! They are so swet! Where did you find the cute little dinosaur? Thanks for sharing so many fun ideas!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Sara :)


Thanks for sharing your fun ideas! The treats and playdough look so cute and fun!


I just love checking your blog and seeing all the exciting things that you and your family participate in. It is really a pleasure to me. I pray that you continue to share your ideas with us!


Love those valentines!!! Thanks for the tip! I love your pics too!


Love, love the rice crispy treat idea! My heart cookie cutter has been working overtime this week and now I have something else to use it on. Also, LOVE the playdough with glitter in it idea. Thanks for sharing!


OMG, those are the cutest valentines I Have seen. I usually just lurk on your blog, but I had to tell you I love those. Also thanks for the link to Tiffany, I bought a purse and am totally loving it!!!

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