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February 05, 2009



I love 8, 12 and 13.... such cutie pies!

Abby V

I agree with everyone here--the girls are adorable! Please also share where you got the valentine backgrounds and how you did them!

Terri Paulson-Sasaki

Okay, where did you get the adorable backgrounds? I need to do it for the pictures that I took of my first graders and my granddaughters. Off to Target and Wal-mart to look for suckers. So cute.

Ginna G

Okay so I scrolled back through and had to add #'s 6 & 11

Ginna G

#'s 18,22&24 are my favs


Oh wow, these are the cutest pics (and kids) ever! I love these precious Valentine's Day pics. So fun and festive. I love your blog! I am always inspired when I come here. Thanks.


What a fun idea! Great photos, too. I'm curious about the background of the first few photos . . . how did you do that?!

Heather Crawford

Yep, I want to know how you did the background too..is it a layer of dig paper over the pic, decrease the opacity and erase over the girls? and where did you get those adorable shirts??????????

by the way, weren't you going to share some new way you were going to scrap or something to keep up? I remember you mentioning that a while back and have been curious..some new system you were talking about?


so so sweet I LOVE those pictures !
Like you I like to create a year calendar, I always give it to the grand parents they love it !

Desire fourie

Just stunning, what more can I say. I think your themed calendar idea is fantastic. Would love to see the whole year in reflection. Hugs from Desire

Yvonne Y

Love the photos. Gorgeous kids!


The photos are gorgeous, and I too would love to know how you did the Valentine backgrounds.

Amy Ragland

So Sweet!!! Thanks for the recipe help also, it was a big hit! :)


Way cute photos! Love the idea of using suckers as props AND for getting great shots. Brilliant! I too get ready to make calendars at the end of the year and dont have enough "theme" pictures so I am going to have to start doing the same.

Nancy Mackey

I think you said once, but I can't remember- how do you do those backrounds?


OH, I LOVE IT! Can you please explain how you do the backgrounds??? THANKS!


can i come live at your house and get cute holiday outfits, candy and photo shoots? I love these pics and the calender idea is great. How Fun!

lori jolley

CUTE! Stickiness and all. That makes them perfect!

cheryl ryan

WALMART has similar suckers...but smaller 2 for $1.00....they are with the valentines candy...
Just in case anyone wanted some.....


These are fantastic! What a great idea for next years calendar. I love that they are so pink and girly and over the top Valentines. Holidays are always more fun if you go overboard.:)


What a fun photo shoot! I love celebrating all the holidays and the calendar's a great idea!! It's funny...towards the end of the shoot...they were pretty sticky! Gorgeous pics!!


These are SO precious! I bought a few lollipops, too, and want to do the same. Love those shirts - Baby Gap?

Tammy D

I LOVE these. They are so cute and Lily looks so grown up. I can't believe it. Their little sticky faces are just darling!


What a fun idea! I can't ever get over how photogenic Kate is, I love the pic of her laughing, SO cute! You are such a good mom!

jamie bangerter

so,so, cute! love the image overlays too. That sneaky picture of lily totally looks like it could be russel. i never realized they look alike before. fun pix.

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