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February 21, 2009


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Ok that's a good reason for not blogging. I am frreakiiiiing! michael and michael = heaven. Has the show been picked up? or are you guys doing the pilot? Shet we need more info about your show!!


Wow I love the simplicity of this. I am not a scrapbooker but have a TON o' pictures of my kids too. I wish I had all the ones pre-digital of my oldest 3 scanned but need a new scanner for that first. But I get hung up on chronilogical vs. categories and sorting based on kids or groups... too much to think about but the way you explained how you did it really helped me to embrace my want of chronilogical order!
So fun to look through your older posts- found great ideas for freezing food today too from your Freeze Happy link!


Oh my goodness!

Your creations with hair and photography is simply stunning!
I absolutely adore the book as well, great work!

I'm stunned with the colors and the quality amazing!!


Krista Kubicek

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I can't even tell you how excited I am about this idea! You described me perfectly when you detailed why you settled on this (including the thousands of photos!). I have been round and round about how to just "get photos into books and off my hard drive!" I am also a scrapbooker, and while I enjoy it, don't do it nearly often enough and gave up the idea of "catching up" long ago. How freeing this will be! Thank you! And btw, your children and photography is absolutely stunning.




amazing! I LOVE this. Beautiful. Your pictures are stunning.


I have been thinking about one of these books, I would totally do it this way too, all pictures, nothing else! so cute!


Thanks for such a great idea, I haven't been scrapbooking much for the last few years, so what a great idea to get them pics in books anyways!


I love this idea! I have the same issue with all the pictures on my external hard drive, so my daughter can't look at them. I already finished her 2007 book but I was wondering what you're going to do with the year your kids were born? Are you going to do a small book from their birth month through Dec. or add it on to the next year? Just curious. Thanks!


Wow Sherelle!
Thank you so much for this tip!!
I 've been looking all over for nice photobooks. And this one is just like I wanted them!Love the covers!!!
Thank you so much!
You're an angel!
Hugs from Kristine in Norway!


These are absolutely amazing!!! I love your photography!!!!


oohh Thank you so much for sharing this!!!
I had been wanting to do this for a while but the ones I've seen you have to write journals and stuff and with a 4 week old baby its just impossible. This is PERFECT!!!
Thanks again!
Dayami :)


Just wondering if you know the name of the font you used for Grace's book. Just love it! Thanks


a little hello from Belgium ! what you do is simply amazing ! great great job !

thanks to sharing



Hi Sherelle, these books are great! What type of font did you use on both Grace and Russells? I can't seem to find it on the software I downloaded from blurb.

Heather Crawford

Me again..sorry..lol...would love to see one of the pages with the artwork or school pictures you did just to see how you did them..?

Tiffany Deonanan

This is the answer to what I have been struggling with for years! This is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.

Jill Scott

Your books turned out great. I've been wanting to do this type of thing for my girls since I saw the idea on Danelle Johnson's blog, but I just haven't gotten my ducks in a row yet. I've decided that I have too many different ongoing albums to maintain. Thanks for sharing, they look great!


I always drool over your wonderful photography! FANTASTIC!


Bloody brilliant idea! So going to do this today!!! Thank you!


oh and by the way! check out my blog because i tagged you in this thingy. =]


I just wanted to fit in like all the other ladies on here and leave ya some love. haha You rock!! haha I have not seen Russells yet, so I need to come over and take a look. And I need to make me one to... thank you for inspiring me. haha


I just started mine today and I'm really enjoying it! It's so much easier than scrapbooking and less time consuming! My kids have enjoyed watching me make it as well! So clever.

Bethany E.

I've been reading for awhile now and almost never comment, but I had to tell you how wonderful this is!!! Thank you so much for sharing your idea! I've always loved to scrapbook for the fun and creative aspect of it, but what that means is...I don't scrapbook every single photo of my daughter and I don't create 2 of the same page so we each have one (when she leaves someday), because it would make it NOT fun anymore! So this is the PERFECT solution to getting something made for her and my future children to let them take with them...and the best part is it's actually doable! Thanks, Sherelle!


Your books are beautiful! I would love to see how you did the pages with their artwork.


Thanks Sherelle, I am SO going to do this!

Robyn Longhurst

For Shit sakes, Sherelle - these are amazing(sorry - true emotions coming out here)!!!
This could be the most liberating part of scrapbooking, couldn't it? My most favorite part is the instant enjoyment for the person and family! Gonna make some time to do this.


Those books look awesome. Your photos are really beautiful. And your kids will really appreciate them some day. Thanks so much for sharing your great idea!!

Shelly B.

Love, love, love this idea Sherelle! You rock!

Chelsea Johnson

Oh my gosh these are amazing. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I love to scrapbook but always get so frustrated that I can't get it all done. Such a great idea!! I am for sure going to have to order these for my kids! Thanks so much for the idea!!


OMG, I simply LOVE this. WOW. Keep going back on the different pics to have a good look. I think the mark of my nose will be on the screen when I shut this laptop down, LOL.

I just wanted to know, is this super easy to do?? I am a complete novice when it comes to stuff like this and they don't have anything like this over here (in Ireland) so I would really like to know how to do it and get it sent to one of my friends who will send it on to me. I mean, I have all the gadgets lie the Rebel Xti and haven't a clue how to use it properly except point it and take a pic.

So, please Miss Sherelle, is this an easy peasy thing to try and do?

Thanks a bunch

jamie hansen

I know you said they are good quality -- -- but are they really -- because i would not want to end up with a larger heavy book -- that pages will fall out or the binding becomes loose. you know how over time the binding becomes loose and the book would shift back and forward. what do you think?

Thanks so much for the idea. We sound very similar.

Melissa Wells

Sherelle.......This is THEE MOST AWESOME idea that I have ever seen. I have seen other photo books made, but none that have the quality that these do! This is a definite must to do. I do have one question though....Is there a minimum of pages that the books have to consist of? Well, again, it's just beautiful. Hope you are having a blessed weekend! Melissa

Jennifer Barnes

Sherelle, you have great ideas! I have a lightroom question for you. Do you apply your name to all your photos in lightroom or photoshop. I would like to start doing that and cannot figure out how in lightroom!

Amber Cederberg

This is amazing!! I am so glad you shared your wonderful idea! I want all of my little ones pictures out and available! I never get to look at them and I have so many favorites! So this is the best of both worlds!!! I can look at them and they are organized! Thanks again! I hope you don't mind if I try to copy your fabulous idea myself!! Your amazing!!!!!


I never thought about using Blurb to make a photo book. That is a great idea. How did you deal with pictures being turned different ways? Crop? I will definitely be doing this. I love to keep every picture too.

Amanda N.

These are too cool! TFS!


OMG Sherelle it's amazing I LOVE that !


Fantastic idea! Beautifully executed too. I've had the exact same dilemmas as you . . . but never could have come up with such a clever idea. Thank you for sharing.


I love your blog. I was just wondering where you were from. My daughter is 5 and is showing musical talent. She really wants to play the violin. If by chance you were from IF, I was wondering who teaches your daughter. I totally understand it's hard to respond in this untrusting blogging world. The reason I think you MAY be from here is that Holly Davis is on your sidebar. I know her & Zach & they don't live too far from me. Thanks.


LOVE this Sherelle! Now, if you're scanning in school stuff, are you doing from Aug - July or still Jan- Dec. Thanks for the great idea!

Heather Crawford

Wondering which size you used (8x10) and which cover (I'm assuming it's the image wrap cover?) and did you choose any special paper?


You totally nailed it on the head! I'm gonna do this too. I know exactly how you feel. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

Heather Crawford

Wow! These are beautiful and love the idea! I feel the exact same way..just get so frustrated with the amount of photos that sit on my computer and NO ONE ever sees! Realistically, I will never get them scrapped! This is similar to Danelle Johnson's system too...love both ideas..I'm going to check that site out! Thanks so much for sharing, I've been wondering about it since you mentioned it awhile back!


Oh my goodness. This is the BEST IDEA EVER!! So adorable!!!


Sherelle! I have been watching your blog to see what it was you were doing. I love that Idea. For christmas I made some photo books for my kids but only but 6 months in them I love the look of your books and the thought of doing on my computer and not online is AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing. I am in a slow spot in scrapbooking and thus getting so far behind. I cant stand my photo's being just on the computer. Thank you!


Thank you thank you thank you! I too have had the same issues you've experienced! I LOVE those books- what a great solution! I am totally going to do those! THANK YOU!!!

Shauna Thompson

Love this idea!!!


I have been frustrated in the same way! Thanks for sharing your solution! Genius!

tammy d

Those are SO GREAT! What a fun way to document the year and for the kids to be able to see them.


SUCH a helpful post! I have this dilemma too. In fact I felt so guilty about scrapbook because I did more for some of the kids than others that I just stopped, but I miss it. (I miss The Scrap Coop too!) Now I can do it again as an outlet and not worry that some kids books are bigger.
I know my parents would LOVE this as a Christmas gift too. I could give them a box set! Thanks for sharing!!!!


LOVE! Love love love! I like Lori's idea, how cool for a birthday gift. Thanks for sharing you always seem to be on top of it.

lori jolley

Oh! What a big sigh of relief! This looks soooo great! These would be so amazing to give as birthday gifts to the kids!!!


Fabulous idea! I'm so glad you shared it with us :) The books look great.


I could've written this myself - have the *exact* same dilemma and I've downloaded blurb but never spent time working with it. Going to do that N O W. Your books look so great and the portraits are just amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!


I'm inspired! I've been trying to do books on Shutterfly but I've been so frustrated with the uploading that I gave up. I've been using Blurb to create a family cookbook but I think I'm going to do photo books for my kids too. Thanks for the inspiration!

emily anderson

okay i totally never leave a comment but am a follower...but this is totally deserving of me coming out of lurkdom! i cannot believe how great those books turned out!! i'm so gonna do this..
thanks for the inspiration!!


This is an awesome idea! Your pictures are great...your children are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for sharing! I have been thinking about blurbing my blog and now I am sold on the idea. The books are absolutely gorgeous and I like the idea of making a book for each one of the kids! Thank you!


Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea! I love it! I've been thinking about blurbing my blog and now you have DEFINATELY sold me! I also LOVE the book with pictures of the kids! THANK YOU!


Thank you, thank you, thank you...a thousand thank yous! This is the greatest idea I have ever seen and I am going to impliment it and get started as soon as I am done typing this. I also am glad to hear a good review on blurp since its on my this weeks to do list to get my blog printed out. Again, BRILLIANT idea. Love the fact you can put so many pics on one page!


I can not thank you enough for this idea! THANK YOU! G

Christine Hicks

Absolutely gorgeous, priceless works of art. They turned out beautifully! Your children (as I mention each time I comment) are breathtaking. Thanks so much for the information! I will be looking into this for my children's photos as well :0)

Heather Lapierre

This is soooooo neat!!! I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

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