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February 24, 2009


Danielle Nilsson

YOUCH...that sure is a lot of water!!! We have so much snow here... it's going down to -20degrees here tonight. YUCKY!

LOVE the picture of your little ones...too cute :D


Such beautiful pics...it's 45 here today too and I am so excited! I definitely have spring fever so badly!!!

Alison Behan

I can't believe that all that water is around you and you aren't building yourself an ark!! LOL. Needless to say, I'm not good with water. I do love the pics of the 'Dress-up Queens'. My daughter just turned 7 and LOVES to dress up. I remember strolling through a very big packed shopping mall with a batman and a tinkerbell holding my hand. Love it, love it, love it!!!!


I had such a laugh at the last picture of the girls in there dress-up stuff. My 3 1/2 year old is the same way. My husband and I wonder why we buy normal clothes too. : ) I really enjoy your blog, thanks!


I too am SO having Spring Fever. I wanted to just spend all day outside...soaking up the sun! I just cant, cant wait for the 70s!


I have spring fever too! All of our snow is gone and I'm going to be wearing flip flops today.

You have quiet the mess but it looks like you and your girls had a great time. How fun they must have on your farm. :-)

Oh and I've been wanting to tell you thank you for all of your inspiration with photography and for introducing me to Lightroom. I don't know what I did before that program!

Desire Fourie

Your photography is breathtaking. Love your scenery shots of the melting snow. Hope the warmth of spring will solve the water problem Hugs from Desire


forgot to say I love those tops your daughters are wearing for the fiddle contest...super sweet x


Soooo cute I just had to comment love the banana pic and Kate's adorable nails.....she's looks such a sweetie :) It must be so lovely having them close together in age kinda like twins...they look like they love dressing up!! Can I ask...when you cook Enchiladas do you have anything with it (on the side)? We have it with coleslaw and pasta salad and salad but I was just wondering with your big family. Bonnie x :)


SUPER cute pictures of the girls Sherelle!! And I love the dress up pics! I cherish the dress up days I had with my daughter!! She still is very much a girly-girl...she's a cosmetologist!! And she still loves to dress up! The banana pics are really cute too!


CUTE pictures. Don't you just love this weather. I'm getting spring fever too but I know it is a LONG way off. WOW you have a muddy, wet mess, how fun to have your Ranger to play in it all!

Melissa Wells

Wow Sherelle, by the looks of it, if the snow melts any faster you'll need to have your boat ready;-) I adore the pic of Kate with the bite of banana in her mouth! It's too cute!!! You know Hannah & Ashleigh have been out of the dress-up stage for a couple of years now (unless it's as Hannah Montana, he he) but I can't wait till this little one wants to play dress-up. It is such a precious time when they are that age. Oh, before I leave you with this comment....I have to know where did you find the flower shirts that Grace, Lilly, & Kate had on at the fiddle contest!?! They are absolutely gorgeous!!! Well, I've got to get supper finished....chicken enchiladas YUM YUM :-) Have a blessed evening, Melissa

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