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February 18, 2009


Lisa D

We definitely don't hear any fiddle music here in South Florida...I am so totally amazed at your Grace playing the fiddle and with such poise and talent. Thank you for sharing this! What beautiful children you have Sherelle!

Loving the layout you made too!

Chelsea Johnson

What a beautiful page! You are so talented!


so sweet and beauty!!!


Wow! Grace plays amazing, you must be such a proud momma. Such talent!


Great layouts! AND Grace did a great job. My kids were sitting here with me and said play it again like 3 times. Way to go!

Jill Scott

I love the colors in this layout. They remind me that Spring is on its way. The glitter flowers are pretty too. I love glitter when I don't have to apply it myself. Thanks for sharing.


Grace, thanks for playing for us! You did a fantastic job!!! I would love to see you play again sometime. You were great!!

fran heupel

Hi Sherelle,
Loved listening to Grace play the fiddle.
She was wonderful. Thanks for posting this and your layout is really adorable.
Have a great week.


Wow! She's talented beyond her years! Thanks for sharing.

Jana Eubank

Yay! Go GRACE!!!! You rock! ;)


Wonderful, Grace! Thanks for sharing your gift to us in blogland!


Grace is so good! That was fun to watch!

Peg Graham

Grace- you inspire me! My 11 yr old son, Cameron, plays violin (this if his first year) and I always tell him to practice, practice, practice....and now he sees why.

My 7 yr old daughter, Carson now wants to play 'fiddle' and not violin. too cute!

Thanks Sherelle...would love to see more videos of the fiddling!


Shelly B.

Go Grace! LOVED it!

lori jolley

ooops - sorry about the double post - read the second one. I'm such a dork


Amazing! Love it when kids can play music and from what I understand the fiddle isn't exactly the easiest so goooo GRACE!
Love the layouts Thanks for Sharing!

lori jolley

Grace is soooo amazing! My fingers will never move that fast! Wonderful job Grace!

I wish someone carried MF here still. It has the prettiest papers and cute accents. Can I have your scraps?

And will you be selling your cookbook? I would LOVE to buy a copy!!!

lori jolley

Grace is sooo amazing!!! I don't think my fingers will ever move that fast. Wonderful job Grace!!!

I wish we could get some MF here! Sigh. Its the prettiest paper and no one here has it anymore. Can I have your scraps?

Cheryl Ryan

WOW..that was GREAT!!! Would love to see more... like someone said in an earlier post...we don't get to see fiddle playin in SOCAL....
Keep up the good work!


Grace, I cannot even begin to imagine being so good at something at such a young age! You are amazing! Keep up the great work!


Good job Grace and greetings from Holland.
I loved it,i wish i could play the fiddle like that.

Kellie Park

I tried the Chicken Bowtie pasta from your WOWZA cookbook. It was soo good. I loved using the crockpot. The dinner stress was eliminated because I put it all together while I made the lunch mess. Thank you!
for inspiring me!


Cute, cute kids!

Debbie Miramontes

Good Job Grace! We don't see much fiddle play out here in So. Cal. I am glad to see that it is not a lost art..


i love it!
she's amazing!


Beautiful layout, Sherelle and GO GRACE! Loved watching that video! You're one talented girl, Grace! Great job! :)

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