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January 13, 2009


lori jolley

OOOh! I just checked again and Nicole's photo was the second one. Does that mean she's in second place? I hope so!!!

lori jolley

okay Thursday's vote was #3195. Good luck Nicole!

Tammy D

I just saw your post and voted! I hope she wins she is very talented! I love the pictures of Kate and Lily in their cooking gear! SO CUTE!


I voted yesterday and today. I'm not sure what my vote # was yesterday, but today it was 3157 (I think). Good luck, Nicole!

Your children are seriously so beautiful...I love to read your blog because it just feels so full of life.



I canned spaghetti sauce using your recipe. My family absolutely LOVED it! Would you be willing to share your pizza sauce or other canning recipes? I brought a box of tomatoes but now we will have our first HUGE garden. I'm compiling recipes before this spring. Thanks!

Olga Dakis

Voted...she does sound amazing!!! (#2926)
Hope she wins


So I went and had a little jam session with Nicole and she is simply amazing! I do hope she wins! My number was 2790...I'm pretty sure. Those little chef hats are to DIE for!


I am dying to know your new scrapbooking idea, when are you going to post?


I'm vote 2726, good luck to her!

lori jolley

I voted again today. The number was 2619. I hope she wins!!!
Our first garden magazine came the day after Christmas. We grew the giant pumpkins one year. Its a blast! They were so huge that just one would barely fit in a wheelbarrow!
Today I am baking and I'm going to sew some baby quilts for gifts and for the stake humanitarian project coming up.


I voted and will vote again. It looks like the girls really have a lot of fun together. They are so cute. I'm with you this winter stuff is making me feel BLUCKY! I've got to get over the winter BLAHS!


I cant get over how talented Nicole is! I have been listening to her song over and over while I sit here and blog. Here's hoping she not only comes in 4th but 1st! Love the picture of the girls mixing up cookies. Too cute! I too am READY for winter to be over. I dont mind it in December but then Im done and ready to garden away also. Let us all know how the pumpkin growing goes. I have always wanted to find a good BIG pumpkin seed!


i think they are amazing! your children and I am sure you are tired of winter. here in Florida it is the first week that it is cold..and there is no snow! oh well! love love love the pictures! hope your niece wins!


Hey Sherelle, I voted. Seriously how cute is that little Kate, I could eat her up with a spoon. You seem a kindred spirit, 4 kids, homeloving girl & a vegie growing Mama. I love your blog & could I ask you to do a blog or two on your house, I love looking at all your ideas & touches. I am sooooo having the same kitchen as yours come next summer. LOVE IT.

Niki x


Hi Sherelle !
I also voted, today and the last time when you asked.

I love love love your blog, it is always great to read what you write !

Have a nice day,



Hi there! I voted too and really hope she wins!! Love your pictures as usual. The girls look so adorable in their little hats!

Connie Baird

I voted too. It's hot down here. Wish you were here!


I voted. It looks like she is in 4th place again. I hope she wins.

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