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September 04, 2008



watch out for that avian flu, russell.

Dawn Knapp

Hi Sherelle. I love reading your blog!! I gave you an award on my blog today too!

Heather Ruwe

Hi Sherelle...love your blog. I gave you an award on my blog today! :)

Janelle in MT

wowzers, love all the canning you got going on. my poor garden was froze to a crisp this week! i was only able to get a few green beans & pickles this year. oh & pumpkins. hopefully they get green! I think we were in Yellowstone at the same time. I like you try to avoid the crowds there...but it is always busy there...even in winter! We are only 1.5 hours away from there & love to go...can't believe it was your kiddos first time! my girls call it the "stinky place"! got many great photos! yours rock...as usual!

plants and trees

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what great pictures and a fun little getaway! Glad you had fun!


Looks like you had a fun vacation trip with your family and friends! The pictures are spectacular and I'd love to visit there someday. I did send you an email asking you what your thoughts were on Windows Vista as I just got a new Dell laptop and am in the process of finding out what works and what doesn't. I've heard so many bad things about Vista and now I find out that many of my programs are not compatible either. I just purchased Art Explosion Scrapbook Factory Deluxe Version 4.0 yesterday as none of my others are compatible with Vista. Which ones do you use? I post a fair amount of photos on my blog, but you sure have me beat!! You sure are busy, girl!!! Love all the canning and cooking and freezing that you all do! Take Care!! Thanks for your Thoughts!!


Go canner girl go!


Go canner girl go!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Wow Sherelle, good for you with all the home-grown fruits and veggies! They're makin' me hungry!

I just found your blog in the last week or so and I'm so glad I did!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Great pictures!!! You have the cutest family. Thanks for sharing!

Marcy Buchanan

Oh my those pickles look sooooooo YUMMY, looks like a fun get away.

Holly Rice

Your so inspiring! I love that there are still Mom's who love to CAN. I just made Salsa. I need to still make Strawberry Jam. I'm still waiting for my berries from Oregon. I thought I would mention that my son who is 6 is named Russell. I named him after my Mom's maiden name. I love it when people use maiden names for kids names.

Alicia King

oh my gosh! I can't believe that your kids haven't been to Yellowstone until now! I bet they loved it!


I'm so envious of all your freezing and canning! I grew up doing all of it, but now in AZ...well it's just not the same! I did however just order a box of peaches to can-If only I could just pick them off of my own tree! One day maybe I'll find the perfect place where it never got cold but still could have an awesome garden...if only! Good luck with harvest...one of my favorite memories living in So.Idaho!!


Looks like a super fun weekend...it reminds me that we need to get to Yellowstone some time. I am like you, I HATE the crowds, but I guess I need to be thankful we have something so amazing in our backyard and to take advantage of it. Also, which cabin did you stay at? My parents have a cabin in IP but I really get tired of staying exclusivly there and would like to try something different. Way to go with all your canning! Looks like major work but the fruits of your labor will surely pay off in the dead of Idaho winter. Would you mind sharing your pickle recipes. I have always wanted to try them out, but am too timid to just dive in. Last of all, sorry long comment...are you willing to sell one of the cookbooks you gave away as the cookie prize. All your recipes are divine!

kristan martin

Love Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace! And...just about anything on Fox News.

Kristi Ottmar

sounds like such a fun life, my daughter reads your blog and she wants to come be your nanny so she can learn to can and sew! She loves that you stay home and make a home!

Shelly B.

Loved this whole post but the thing that got me most excited was that you watch GLENN! Heath and I LOVE him!

ashley warwick

pppppphhhhheeeeeewwwwwwwwww boy oh boy im i sure glad you guys are home. i've missed the poop out of ya!


Wow! You guys are always so busy. You must be dreaming of veggies and fruits in your sleep. I am sure it is all worth it though and so rewarding. Your trip looks like it was amazing. I am looking forward to your posts once you start harvesting the potatoes. I really enjoy learning all about that.


when i grow up i am totally going to grow up to be you! i am not sure where you find the time for it all. like you..i often am a single parent..my husband is in the navy..I only have three wonderful daughters to keep track of. and one of them can do her own hair. So i am not sure where you find your energy and the time! but everything you touch seems to be wonderful!
thanks for sharing your life!

lori jolley

Fun trip! It is funny that we don't go see all the amazing places that are close to us! Sandi told me about your cooking co-op. It is so cool how you do so much together as an extended family. Wish my SILs wanted to do things like that! And the canning and freezing! Busy! We must be doing about the same kinds of things! Please tell me when your cookbook is available. I would love to purchase it! Hugs Sherelle!

Terry Oler

You are one busy girl Sherelle!!! Can you share the strawberry syrup recipe? Thanks!

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