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September 18, 2008


Shelley Smith

I love all your pictures. SO great! And I just bought those butterfly shirts for my twins, and I think they are adorable! Your blog is so fun. Thanks for all the great tips and ideas!
Shelley Smith


they are so, so cute. What darling photos...


What sweet, sweet girls! How fun to have them so close...even if it is a little bit of work :). I can't believe you had 2 babies during SPUD HARVEST..you are amazing, seriously!! What a darling family you have-I think Lily looks so much like you BTW!!


Those are great photos Sherelle, your girls are just so sweet! I can see why fall is so busy for you- have fun with the harvest!

tara pollard pakosta

how cute are they?~!
my sister and i are close in age too. from October 6th through NOvember 28th we are the same age!!! i just LOVE having that close bond with my sister! and your girls will love it too!


Happy, Happy Birthday to your little girls! They are just adorable and your photos of them are beautiful. Good luck with the harvest!


Great photos! the girls are adorable! Happy birthday to them!


Your girls are so cute! I love all of the photo's you take. Good luck during the harvest!


Those pictures are adorable. Happy Birthday to both of them. Two birthdays in one week? Wow! Remind me again what kind of camera you have? Hope the potato harvest is a safe one.


Your girlies are SO cute! Happy birthday to them both!


Great pictures. Your girls are so adorable. Glad I found your blog. :-)

Michelle Aiken

Your kids are so stinkin' cute!! I love looking at your pictures to get idea's for when I take pictures of my twin girls. I also live in Idaho, Lewiston to be exact. I can't believe everything you do everyday and still have time to scrapbook. Props to you!!


Happy Birthday girls!!! These are so stinkin cute. Can't believe how fast this time has past.

Deb Wisker

Beautiful pics!
You know, the best french fries are McDonald's french fries! Tell your hubby thanks for all his hard work! I think of him whenever I eat those fries!


As always your pictures are beautiful. Can you believe it is already harvest! Good luck with this busy time of year! Hope the girls have happy birthdays!


I have to say it again.
Your kids are "the cutest things I ever saw"...as my dear old grandmother used to say.


Oh my goodness they are so beautiful. I love to get birthday pictures of my kids as well! Go SPUD HARVEST! It always puts me back in the days of highschool and driving truck...after I graduated from the belt!!!:) Fun that you are the one who gets to take all the yummy homemade treats out to the workers...well at least I could see you doing that! We loved it when the wife of the farmer did!

Tammy Dixon

I can't believe how big they are getting. Those pictures are just adorable! It's so fun to see them grow and hear what's going on with them.


You're girlies are adorable. Hard to believe a farmer's wife would have not one, but two babies at the busiest time of the year ; ) I was just talking to my parents this morning about Spud Day. Lots of fun memories. Hope all goes well with your harvest.

kristan martin

Awesome job on the photo's Sherelle. I have the same think with Ruby and Lucky...they are the same age for one month! I may have already told you that so if I did, sorry. Anyway, sounds like you're keeping busy, good luck with your potoato harvest!

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