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September 28, 2008



I love the beautifully photographed potato education you give! I've learned a ton! Happy birthday to your cute girls!


Great pictures! The girl's birthday pictures are really sweet.

Thanks for sharing your pictures of the potato harvest. I was telling my mom about it and we were commenting how interesting it is.


As always, the pictures are fabulous! Those little Bakerella pops are so cute, I just had to go searching for a recipe for them....think I'll try some for Halloween!! Happy birthday to all the birthday girls!! And thanks for always sharing your life...which is quite fascinating!


Soooo busy. . .Sherelle, just reading this made me go take a nap. Hang in there, when harvest is over and things settle down a bit we'll have to do dinner again. btw, LOVE the photos!

Robyn Longhurst

What a fun post - as usual. Thanks for all your recipes on the side. I'm putting together a menu and wanted to try some new meals for my family and went to your blog first - thanks!


Fun fun fun! You are supermom with all these parties and potato harvest coming! Love those little Bakerella pops - cute, cute! Happy birthday to your sweet girlies! Oh, and any helpful tips for someone trying to get good birthday party photos indoors? Yours looked wonderful!


How fun. I LOVE those Bakerella pops too! Happy birthday to 3 cute little girls!! :)


Thanks you so much for sharing that wonderful moments in your life with us !
You are such a fantastic woman/wife/mother/daughter/aunt !



Oops...I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Addilyn too! She is so sweet.:)


I have been waiting for spud harvest pictures. I really love your blog. I even try some of your hairstyles on my girls. Can't wait to see more pics of the harvest. Happy late Birthday to Kate and Lily! :)


Great photos Sherelle!!!

Tammy Dixon

I have to say, I LOVE the pictures of Wyatt, Russell and Carson. You can tell they are the best of friends! And the ones of Addilyn eating her cake give me some great idea to us in just a couple weeks! Your are SO GREAT!

Michelle Sample

Hi Sherelle!
Love your blog, I've been enjoying reading it for a while now. I was inspired to start my own about 2 months ago and I've been enjoying it, but I've had something weird happen and I wanted to get your opinion. I have an 18 month old daughter that I of course post pictures of and I had a wierd comment posted by someone on my blog and when I clicked on their profile, they had references of a sexual nature. It really has me scared and I'm thinking of deleting my blog and quitting! Since you post lots of pictures of your girls, have you ever had anything like this happen? What do I do? Help!

Deb Wisker

Great pics of the kids! Looking forward to seeing spud harvest photos! Last year's were great! TFS!

Krista Porter

I love your blog. My sister-in-law got me hooked about a month ago. I really love your pictures. My husband and I want to get a digital camera, (yes, I'm still using a 15 year old film one that my husband got when he graduated high school), and I was wondering what kind of camera you have, or if you have any suggestions. PS, my husband loves to take me to Spud Days every year, even though he's never worked in the fields.

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