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August 27, 2008



Hi there! I am a blog-hopper and found your blog. What I can so far is WOW. Your photos are amazing! Quick question: Where did you get the pretty floral pins for your girls? I LOVE them! My daughter does too.


Hi Sherelle, quick question for you....I just got a new laptop preloaded with Windows Vista and am in the market for a photo editing program.....I think you said you use Adobe Photoshop Elements....are you also using Vista? Since you use many pictures on your blog, I thought maybe you could offer me some advice??? Thanks so much and as always....I'm a huge fan of your blog!


OK..I find myself checking your blog all the time, so I'm adding you to my blogroll--hope you don't care??

Linda Albrecht

Lol!!! That first photo is priceless. I love keeping it real--she's adorable either way. Thanks for sharing those wonderful shots of your family. Linda


Sherelle I'm so sorry, I made a mistake with the song I recommended you, it is not Lily from Arno, it is from OZARK HENRI (or HenrY I don't know)
I love that song... I recommend you !

Beatriz Jennings

nice photos :) you have an award on my blog ;)


Oh heavens! Now why oh why don't they make Hello Kitty backpacks for MOMS too? I LOVE THAT! You tell her that is simply *THE* coolest backpack ever! LOL



Oh my ... she is soooo cute and I'm glad to hear that she made it through the rest of the day without you to cling to. {man that tugs at my heart strings as I remember that sort of thing happening here last year}. Thanks again for the freezer cookie idea ... my mom is going to come help me make some up {you've not only inspired me to bake but to get in some fun time with my mom too} thanks friend!


Adorable! She looks like she was having fun once she got there. I love the pink outfits on the girls.

You are not alone with the frustration. They are so unpredictable sometimes in a new environment. We had the same issues this week too. I am sure she will love being in "school".

Deb Wisker

Great pics!

Maria Hanson

She's sounds hilarious. Gosh time flies. I've been reading your blog since the beginning when Lily was the "baby" and you were expecting Kate. It seems like it was yesterday. Good for you for putting her in preschool. She'll love it.

Robyn Longhurst

She looks like a fireball - love that - I have 2 of them! I hope she has a great time - whatever will you do with only one child to worry about for a couple of hours?


they always come around! mine now..when i drop them off to school, barely turn around and say goodbye!
oh well!


Hi Sherelle! great photos for when she gets older! so cute!


That first picture cracks me up. It kind of says it all. "How do you really feel Lily?" CUTE, CUTE KIDS! How is little Kate surviving without her older siblings?


hahaha, Sherelle I love the first picture it is SO Lily! So cute!

Andrea UK

OMG! What a little character you have there! I love the flowers in your girls hair. For a Mum of 4 kiddies your babies always look so darling! I hope I have time to post one of my cookie recipes before tomorrow night, if not I'll post one anyway! I was completely inspired by your home cooking freeze link, I spent the entirety of yesterday cooking everthing from Shepherds, chicken casserole right through to chicken curry! So thank you for the helping hand in getting organised for my return to work (school) next week! BTW although I haven't had time to post of late, the pics you took of your sis & your eldest dd and son were ab fab!!!

Shelly B.

yes, love that big pink flower in her hair. adorable!


she looks cute! Love the flower. What a cute looking preschool....


OMG I LOVE the 3d picture !!

Your Lily looks so cute and "espiegle" (I don't know the word in English), like my little Louise (also 3), but SO interesting to live with !

Do you know that song : Lily from Arno, a belgian singer, I recommend you that song, I love it !


I bet it's nice to get a little break during the day!!! It's much easier with one, (I've found out!) She is so cute. She looks a lot like you. How fun!! Have a great day!!

kim harter

oh my gosh what a little princess. love love love the big pink flower!!! you havejust about the cutest kids


Love the layout!!!

She's beautiful, looks like a great day!

And, can't wait to try the freezer cookie method, great idea!

I'm having a giveaway over at my blog this week, come stop by!


She reminds me of my Brooklyn! haha! :) I debated whether or not to put Brooklyn in pre-school too, maybe I should have. She's beautiful Sherelle!


She sounds just like my Kate! What are you going to do with all your spare time?! :)

Melissa Wells

Oh my Sherelle, Lily is SO beautiful and looks so grown up in these pics, and the faces....well they are just priceless and ones that I remember getting myself! The flower barrette I just adore. I have made several of these for Hannah & Ashleigh, but to bad they now think that they are too old to wear them. Guess they are since Hannah is close to 10 1/2 and Ashleigh just turned 8. Maybe we need yet another girl..NOT ;-).
Well, I'd best go....need to go get in line at school to pick up our girls! Have a great day Sherelle!!!! Melissa

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