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August 13, 2008


Kim Woods

So cute! My youngest is named Russell Spencer Woods :) He's blond with blue eyes and I love to photograph him too. I have a boy, girl, boy...I love all my kids in different ways but I swear those boys...mmmm just want to eat them up. My daughter and I are more like sisters and totally get each other. So the dynamics are different but equally fabulous.


Wow! Awesome! Red background with the dog is my favorite! My g-pa's farm has a lot of the same things...red boxcar, white outhouse, ladder on the boxcar....LOVE using it in my pics. I should have some up on my blog. TX for sharing! Kids are getting BIG!


Wow! Oh, Sherelle, these are beautiful pictures! He is very photogenic. I especially like the ones of him in the denim cap...and the one with him holding the wheat...and the sunflowers! Oh my, it's SO hard to pick favorites, they are all so very good. Terrific shots!!


Wow, they are all so amazing! He is such a doll. I love them all but my favorite is the one with his puppy....his smile looks so natural.

I know I have asked this before but I am amazed at your pictures. So....I just got a new digital SLR and Photoshop CS3, any tips you could offer would be so appreciated. I have bought a few new actions and I am having fun playing with them but I have so much still to learn. I was thinking of taking a class online....do you have any suggestions. Thank You!!!

Ashley Warwick

oh my tar!!!! thats my boyfriend! haha well personally... i want them ALL!!!


Wow Sherelle how can you pick from such a great selection. You are so talented and your model is pretty handsome. Did I mention I have a six year old little girl? If I had to narrow it down my favorite is with the dog, 22. But I love 14 with the tractor in the background. My favorites would be 2, 14, 15, 19, 20, 22. The school bus is a great background too, and the barn, and, and...


these are all so awesome! I really love the first 3 and all the school bus ones. what actions did you use on them?

Deb Wisker

I can't believe he went along with this shoot for all of these pics when there's so much great stuff to do on that farm!LOL!
I think I like the head shot of him with the bale of hay. But I also like the one with his hat backwards in the wheatfield.


Your pictures are ALWAYS amazing- you need to come to Northern Idaho & take some for me....or teach me how to use my camera!lol!
I love them all- I could not possbily pick just one- so good luck choosing, Russ is just too darn cute and photogenic!

Sara M

Hi Sherelle!
I just looked through the photos again, and I think my ABSOLUTE favorites are Russ with the dog, the one just under that, and the next one in the barn doorway. I still love the bus ones too... my favorite of those is the one where he's looking out of the window. I think you have your work cut out for you to try to pick a few - they are all so wonderful!!! Good luck!
Sara :)


Sherelle! You have amazing talent! You have really motivated me to do some photo shoots with my kids--we even have an old bus, old bank, and other crazy old things on our property that would make great pics. My favorites of Russ are 7,19,22,27. If your really stuck on deciding, maybe let Russ help choose his favorite. All of them are great though! Good job!

Sandi Jenkins

Awesome props girlfriend. Where do you live? The bus is amazing, but so are all of them. I may have to hook up with you sometime.


He is just too cute! How you are going to narrow it down, I have no idea. They are all adorable.


You take AWESOME picutures. I love them all:) He is very photogenic:)


They are all great, but I love the one with the dog. It is just so innocent.

andrea*O UK

Your photography has always amazed me. These shots are brilliant! I am more of a lurker than a poster lately but I couldn't resist this... My favourites are (counting down from the top) 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 11, 13, 16, 17, 20 (love the bus), 22, 24 (love the barn), 25, & 27. If I had to narrow it down more for family I would go with 2, 7, 11, 17, 22, but it's a tough call because I love them all and I don't even know you he he! Thanks for sharing you artistry!

Jana Eubank

These are incredible! I don't know which ones you should pick!!! YIKES! Hard decision! They're all adorable . . . you've got a lot of scrappin' to do now! ;)


WOW! What a cute boy. AND what GREAT pictures that capture that cuteness! What camera do you use? I am trying to learn photography, your shots are so amazing! Any help you could give would be awesome! Do you shoot in RAW or jpeg? What do you use to edit them? Do you ever take pictures for people? Or teach how to get great pictures like that?

OH-my favorite is #7, it is just so sweet, and although I love full body shots, I LOVE close shots-and that one really captures such a sweet personality.


YUMMY. . .so cute. I especially love the ones in the school bus window, with the dog, in the striped sweatshirt (his eyes totally pop), in the sunfowers and with the sweet hat! They are great. Have fun choosing. . .


Hi Sherelle!
WOW! These photos are amazing! I love the rough look of the first ones! How do you edit them to get the look? Do you use Photoshop? And Russ is such a cute boy!!
By the way, I've given you an award on my blog!
Big hugs from Kristine


I'm not going to be much help because I LOVE them all. I think the ones by the bus might be my favorite, they are all so great though!

Sara M

Those photos are beautiful Sherelle! What a cute little guy, and very photogenic! My favorites are the ones by the school bus. So fun!!! I would love to know where the bus is too - what a great shot!


My two favorites are the ones where he is in front of the white distressed looking door and the one with the puppy. Great pictures!

Amber Cederberg

I really do love them all. But my favorites are: 2, 22, 23, and 28!! He has the best smile! Good Luck choosing!! Your amazing at taking pictures and adding actions. I love all of the spots you took pictures by! The bus and barn!! Again, Amazing!!!

Robyn Longhurst

They are all great, my dear. I love the school bus - where the crap did you find that gem? Also, what vintage actions are you running?
I really like the one with him holding the wheat - love his ears tipped out beneath his hat - but I'm a ear-lovin' mamma!
They are all great, Sherelle!


Theya re all amazing...love the ones with the school bus and the red backgrounds! Really great photos :) tfs


oh my oh my. They are all amazing, I had a hard time picking out which ones I like best. Here's my list. 2, 5, 6, 7, 13 (I love the tractor in the background), 17, 19, 21, 24, 25 and 26.

Kristine Schnittgen

Hi Sherelle!
My favorites are the ones by the bus. Could you please tell me where that is? I live in Shelley and have been looking for a bus to do some pictures by and I am so in love with that one.
Nice job!!!


Awesome! I LOVE the school bus ones (where did you find it?!) and the one of him laying down with the tractor behind him and him in front of the red barn with the dog.

wendy sue

Oh my goodness...these are all amazing - he is absolutely gorgeous and your photos are absolute perfection!! Sorry, I'm no help choosing favorites because I love them all...:o)


I like the 2nd and 22nd ones. He is so cute. My three year old walked over and asked who he was and said she liked his green shirt it was so cute :)

kim harter

omg these are great!!love the school bus ones.what kind of camera do you use?

Ellen Patton

They are awesome! I really like the one of him looking out the school bus window and sitting in front of the red barn. Your family will love any of them!

Melissa Wells

OH MY GOODNESS, Sherelle, how could you even begin to narrow them down. They are ALL to stinkin cute. One of my absolute favs is the one of him in the long sleeve tee infront of the sunflowers. Oh my goodness, just imagine him about 8 years olders. The girls will be fighting over him you can garantee:-) And all of the ones with the old school bus are perfect. Then there are the ones with the red barn and the red, is it like an old storage trailer? With those #24, esepically number 26, and then 27. Number 26 should be blown up and placed in the house, it is PRICELESS!!! Sherelle, is ALL of this on YOUR land? If so, I'm flying out with my girls this weekend! Ashleighs' 8th birthday is tomorrow, so that is perfect! he he. Take care & have a blessed weekend. Talk to you soon, Melissa. Oh, I just put Photoshop 6.0, and Photoshop Elements on my computer....any idea of where I should start with them? I have taken some pics of the girls, but not sure where to go from there. I guess just trial and error hugh!!! See ya


You have taken some awesome photos!! Hard to pick from, but 2 and 7 are my faves. You always have such great backgrounds. Are these all on your property or do you go around town to various places? Very creative and fun!!!

Vida Price

Hi Sherelle!
Can I just say, OMG, you have a mini-Brad Pitt on your hands! ;) He is just too darn adorable!!!!
Here are my picks and why:
The first shot (the one that starts off the photos) b/c it shows the sweet and tough boy. The next one I like is the one with the dog. This one is a great shot because it shows his beautiful smile and the love for the dog. He's in his element. And the third one I would choose would be the one with Russ holding the wheat. It shows his personality and the love for the farm.

I hope I was able to help you narrow it down! Gosh, you have GREAT places to shoot! :)
Vida ;)


Oh Sherelle you're so right : he is SO photogenic !!
I love his smile, the sweet in his eyes, he wants to show that he is a "hard" (heavy ?) boy but he is so sensible... I love that...

About the choice, here is my preferences :
For the family I would choose numbers 6-14-17-22

I think the others are perfect too but less personal, but perfect for a magazine ! ;))

Have a nice day with your so cute little boy !


oh sherelle, what a little spunk!! don't worry about locking up the girls when the're older lock up Russell too.... and is this all taken on your property, i'm soooo jealous wish you could do some photos of my kids but I guess you can't just jump a plane for a day (hehe)
and I choose 7, 11, one with dog and 4th last. Good luck...


Oh my gosh, these pictures AMAZING! That is one cute little guy you've got there. I'm no help, I have a different favorite every time I look through them, but my favorites would probably be 2, 11, 18 and the... 7th one from the bottom. See, no help at all. Again, could your kids be any cuter?

lori jolley

I love the very last one and all of him standing in front of the sunflowers. I also like the one with one arm raised by the bus. They are all so cute though!


You've got to be kidding me...no way to pick one. They are all awesome!!! He is such a cutie.


Good Luck on the narrowing down, holly cow those are awsome. When we come can we do some in front of the barn? You need to submit some of your photos to some place, they are awsome!!!

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