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August 15, 2008



Thanks so much for all the tips! I will check out lightroom. I have been kind of frustrated with the complexity of of CS3 but I know I just need to practice that too as well as my patience;)

The picture of your daughter is just amazing! Of course all of your children are so adorable so they are the perfect photography subjects!


omg this is beautiful love the dress.....

Vida Price

This is just too precious! I love your photos and yes, you are right, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! I just started taking classes this year and finally had professionals look at my stuff---I'm VERY SHY about my photos!

Thanks for the tip on Adobe Lightroom. I have to purchase Adobe Photoshop CS3 and I'm not too thrilled w/the complicated processes! I'll make sure to add Lightroom too! :)

Vida ;)


Thank you Sherelle for answering questions! the photos are so great! and your kids all beautiful!


Thanks for taking the time to answer questions for all of us! I am going to look into Adobe Lightroom, however I'm going to have to save my pennies for a while...I would be interested in seeing a few of the original pictures, to see before and after-to see how the program changes an image.

This is a beautiful picture of your daughter!


As always, your talent amazes me! These are beautiful pictures! Someday your kids will be extremely grateful for all these "photo shoots." Thanks for sharing!


Hi Sherelle,
This is my 1st time in your blog and I am loving it!!!
What a gorgeous photo! It looks like a cover of a magazine. Just perfect!

Sara M

Oh my goodness Sherelle! This shot is gorgeous too!!! Little girls in white dresses always look sooo sweet ;) Thanks so much for sharing so many tips and answers to questions! How fun to live on a farm with so many wonderful photo spots, and how much more precious your photos will be having such personal connections to the barn, bus, etc.! Did you pick your favorites of Russ yet?
Sara :)

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