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July 06, 2008


Janelle in MT

your descriptions are amazing girl! at least your journaling is already done, right :) LOL! this had me laughing so hard my face hurts...i can't even imagine & there is now way on this earth i would ever do what you did girl...you need some sort of medal! :)


UGH! You are TOO brave! Thanks for sharing, and you are totally amazing! I can smell that skunk, and just thinking about it makes me nauseous!!

Darlene D'Eon

Woohoo, that is hilarious. Not laughing at you but with you. Glad you got it all dealt with in the end.

Bobbi Moss

The other day, my husband went in the crawl space of our house to change the filter for the air conditioner and left the cover off the crawl space that afternoon. That night we were getting ready for bed and we could both smell a skunk and the FIRST thing I thought of was your awful story and reminded Matt that he HAD to go put the cover back on, because my only thought was that skunk was going to get under the house in the crawl space and I didn't want to share a story like yours!!!! If not for your story, I probably wouldn't have even thought about it-- thanks!!!:) LOL


You are a dang good story teller! Thanks for the laugh!

Vida Price

OMG! That is too funny, but at the same time traumatizing to you!!! I'm so glad there are no skunks here in Okinawa! I think the last time I had a skunk encounter was when I was running and was chased by three of them!!! Those little critters are quick! I think I would have made the US Olympic team if they saw me running from those things! Ha!

I'm glad that Russell was able to save the day and get the skunk out of there! All our best!

Vida and family


I love all your pictures,Sherelle. Your family get-togethers look like so much fun. It's wonderful that you have such a good time together. The skunk story is hilarious!!! You deserve a mother of the year award for going in that thing after the skunk!!! I never could have done it!! Thanks for a great story and great photos!!


Hilarious...although disgusting.

Melissa Wells

Hi Sherrelle, My name is Melissa. You do not know me or most of my family that read your blog. But we LOVE you guys. We live in Southern Indiana, in a few different farm towns. I mean some of the things you all do or go through are so similar to ours, we call eachother and say, "Hey, did you read Sherrelle's Blog yet!!!". And let me tell you, last night I was sitting here in bed reading your blog after we had gotten home from church and everyone had fallen asleep (that time is my ALONE) time, and nearly wet my pants and woke my poor husband up, I was laughing outloud before I knew it. Believe me, I have been in a run-in with a skunk out in our woods, and NEVER want that to happen again. I wasn't laughing at you, just with you!!! he he And just a note for you Sherrelle, keep up the wonderful work you do, it is such an inspiration to me. I a 33 year old SAHM with a wonderful husband that I have been married to for 14 1/2 years and we have two beautiful girls.. Hannah is 10 1/2 and Ashleigh will be 8 next month. I love to scrapbook, LOVE taking pictures of my girls, crafting hair clips, purses, knitting, crocheting, etc... (And am trying to get a blog started with my close friends and family here) Nine years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatiod arthritis and fibromyalgia and due to that am in bed with severe pain on some days. I have a wonderful family and church family and a very strong faith in the Lord that HE will bring me through this trial. I just wanted you to know that I seem to always read your blog at the time I need a good laugh or you have a great shot of your kids and I think, I can get a shot like that of the girls. I mean just the pictures alone brighten your day. You and your husband have surely been blessed with a beautiful family, and to take the daily chores that you do....well, if you could hear through a blog, I am giving you a hand right now! May you and your family be safe and blessed. Sincerely, Melissa


NICE CASEY!!!!! I love the anonymous post!


why would you let 2 retarded people clean up after dinner. You got what you deserved for slave-driving your husband's friend like that. He was obviously just trying to help out. You should be ashamed of yourself trying to put the blame on such a humble and wonderful person. This Casey person sounds like a saint.

Janiel Bishop

What a story! I laughed, I cried, I giggled, I had empathy...oh, me oh my! Congrats on getting the skunk out and just think-you have one heck of a "memory" now!


I am so glad you shared this - I needed a good laugh! However, now I feel like I need to go take a bath in tomato juice to get the stench off of ME - and I wasn't involved beyond reading your post. YIKES!

Thanks for the good laugh - and good luck with the smell!

Shelly B.

Oh my word, Heath and I BOTH got a good laugh out of your hilarious story! Thank you for sharing this with us! I think this is my favorite post of all time from you...But I am sorry you had to go through that in order for us to get a laugh!


What a great story...And to see you using the words piss, damn and whores made it all that much funner.


You made me laugh soooo hard. I hope you recover!


Had to go run to toilet before a had an accident, lol thanks for the great story you told it so well I felt I was there with you. But you've got guts no way I would have done it.

Stacy Loggins

What a story, I laughed, I became claustraphobic, I cheered you on! Go Redneck Woman!

Becky in MT

This is a hilarious story! We had something like this happen to us when we were growing up on the farm, so I understand what you went through.


Oh my heavens, that was terrible. I was feeling claustrophobic just reading it...yuck-o!


My toes are curled up so tight they hurt. I couldn't have gone in there for anything, YUCK!!! Remember we are all laughing with you and not at you.


HAHAHA...I am SO SORRY!! You were right our husbands are IDIOTS (especially mine)!! Maybe it was a bad idea after all to let the men clean up after dinner! I am glad you got the skunk smell off of yourself. And by the way...did you earn that new camera last night? HAHAHA!


I'm sorry you had to go through this, but it definitely made me laugh. I can only imagine how I would react. You are much braver than I would have been.

Megan Mill

you go girl!! i am totally sitting here at 11:00pm, while everyone else is sleeping, laughing out loud! thanks for the pics of the culvert...you are a brave, brave woman!


I just about peed my pants when I read this story. You will be talking about this for a long time.


I my gosh! I am laughing SO hard! Thanks for sharing. Skunks are the worst!!! How brave you are. I'm not sure if I would have gone in after it!


I'm so sorry for the stinky (no pun intended) situation but it is such a great story. Just think, years down the road what a laugh you and your family will have when you talk about it. Thanks for the good laugh!!


I'm sorry for the incident and what a bother it was, but let me tell you-- you gave me SUCH a much needed laugh tonite!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! ;)


ACK! This was the funniest, grossest, ohmygoodness story ever!!!

Ellen Patton

Wow! What a story!!! I get creeped out when I see a skunk or raccoon in the dumpster! You are brave!!


Amazing story! Thank goodness the skunk is gone and everyone is smelling better.

It sounds like you've learned about the dangers of grease near the road. I'll just add that, as much as you have been tempted to in the past (kidding), don't leave the bones from chicken wings in the trash on your back porch. My roommates and I did that once after a party years ago, and three oppossum discovered the trash in the nighttime. They kept coming to our back porch for weeks afterwards, looking for more food (which they never again found). At least they didn't stink like a skunk - I can't imagine going through what you did.


You are WIFE,MOTHER,WOMEN OF THE CENTURY! I do not know if I could have attempted to retrieve the skunk, let alone crawl through that culvert. I too have a sensitive nose so that smell alone would have done me in! I bow to you REDNECK WOMEN....

Robyn Longhurst

Sherelle -
THAT IS A GREAT STORY!!!!! What a wonderful, wonderful thing for you to share with us - and what a wonderful way for me to get a nice, loud, belly laugh!!!! GO RUSS!!!!!

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