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July 07, 2008



Oh Sherelle! Where ever did you find the 4th of July flip flops! I had a pair for years! But I finally had to retire them last year, cuz they weren't so pretty anymore. I have never been able to find really cute ones since...
It's been awhile since I've popped in... I've got alot to catch up on. And I'll be sending ya a recipe to ya tomorrow!! I would LOVE< LOVE, to have one of your personal cookbooks! ;)


Love the flip flops! and all the cute festive clothes... your pictures are so cute. The goatee is hilarious. And, I laughed at the story/pictures of your husband... too funny....

Terri Paulson-Sasaki

Oh, I so loved looking at the pictures. Love all the red, white and blue goodies. Wonderful. Keep sharing with us.

Tami F.

Holy cow, that slip and slide is the COOLEST!!! FANTASTIC photos!!

I must say that I totally ADMIRE and am completely ENVIOUS of your photography skills. I find your pictures to be SERIOUSLY AMAZING!! What do you use (actions) to make them "pop" like they do? What program do you use? I wanna have pictures that look like yours...lol

kristan martin

Hey Sherelle,

Love all of your pictures. It looks like you guys had a super good time. You're so lucky that your families live close by!



So much fun!!! great pictures!


Looks like a fun day. The sooner a person admits to being redneck, the sooner they can get on with the fun. Although I don't know if the skunk story quite qualifies as fun.

Rachel Arnold

That slip n slide looks so dang fun! I love looking at the pictures of your cute family...it's fun to see how they've changed. Happy 4th (a few days ago)!!!

Vida Price

Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Make sure you watermark them or copyright them, that way no one can steal them to sell for stock photography.

Great photos and blog!

All my best,
Vida :)


Your blog is great! I am very impressed by the slip n slide! The hairdo's on the girls are all priceless. Thanks for sharing!


I love your comment about redneck pool! everyone has a little bit of WT in them. (WT=white trash). I always love to come by and see your pictures. they are always amazing photos!


I love all the pictures! What a fun day! :)


great slip n slide fun, and adore those beautiful bikinis the girls r wearing and the ribbons in there hair did u make them (ribbons not bikinis or maybe you did that too)
Still very jealous of your hot summer weather we r still freezing down here in Oz...


Your slipNslide has to be the BEST I've ever seen! Wonder photos...you can't ever share too many :)


I love all your pictures!!!!!! keep sharing them!


Just for the record you can't share to many pictures!!! The slip and slide is the best! My kids would love one of those and we have just the place for it. TFS.

lori jolley

Love the 4th photos! My kids are sooooo jealous of your slip-n-slide!!!
Your skunk story is hilarious! I can just see you all dealing with that stinky thing! And I have to tell you, we could smell it clear over here! We had to close all the windows, but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from! Now I know!

Deb Wisker

Great photos! And as far as the skunk story goes...yeah, you sure are a red neck, but a brave one!!

Holly D.

I always LOVE when you post. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life reading the post below! :) I feel SO bad at the same time too. There's not much worse than skunk smell! Looks like you had a perfect day! I agree... we skipped out on the parade this year too, and it was quite refreshing! :)


Can I come over and slip and slide. It looks like so much fun!!

Sheri Russell

Addi sure does look like a ture American, soon to be Canadian

Bobbi Moss

Loved the pictures from your 4th of July- we had a very low key fourth,also. Family, friends and fun does it for me!! Thanks for sharing!!


I love little ones in swimsuits, so adorable. I totally agree with the crowded holiday traditions - poopy. In fact, I can't remember the last time I've been to the "Fireworks". I enjoy the holidays with my family.

Janiel Bishop

Cute, cute pictures! And I must mention...I am SOOO jealous of your slip and slide. Its the whole reason I want to build our house in the country...and the land MUST have a hill!

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