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July 24, 2008



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wow, im 15 and i have thick naturally curly auburn hair, i wish my hair would stay like that, i guess i'll have to try though!
your daughters are beautiful


Sherelle...do you think this would work on short hair too? Like could you do it on Kate? It's so cute. I'm going to try it today. Thanks for the tutorial!


That is very cute! I have actually done this before and love it!! I'm a hairstylist and am wondering how you got your daughter to sit still long enough to do that. :)


Terrific looking pics of those super cute curls!! Oh, how I wish my grown daughter was still small...now she does my hair!


Love the photo of the girls!!! thank you for sharing the tutorial!!! i love it, know my two girls have short hair, but one day I will try it!!!

Melissa Wells

Hi Sherelle, it's Melissa again. Sorry I didn't get the pictures of the family to you sooner. Tim's mom and Tim himself were both diagnosed with basal cell carcanomia (skin cancer) within a month and a half of each other. THANK THE LORD THAT THE BASAL CELL IS NOT LIFE THREATENING!!!! I have always been very particular about keeping suncreen on our family and now am even more so. He had the biopsy taken off of his nose this week and will go back next week to have his surgeon take another look at the spot now and schedule the surgery to take the rest out from underneath the skin. OH MY GOODNESS. The pics of your daughters are just breathtaking. Those blue eyes just peirce through the screen. Our girls also have bright blue eyes like that. Grace's hair. WOW, WOW, WOW.....I think this is my FAVORITE hairstyle ever. I did fix Hannah's like that the other night for church, but did not do the girls, just the braid. (We were running short on time) I just flipped the ends up on her hair and everyone loved it. I can't wait to try the whole version on them both. Oh, I almost forgot. Is there a particular spray hair gel that you recommened. One that holds the hair more securly. I have purchased some before and they seem to be more sticky than anything. Well, it's about 2:25 in the morning. I am pretty sure I should be going to bed now, but I am just having so much fun reading up on everyones blogs! he he he. Well, thanks again Sherelle, it's ALWAYS a treat to catch up on your blog. Hope you and your family have a safe and blessed weekend. Melissa

Rachel Arnold

I wish I had the patience to curl my girls' hair like that...it is absolutely beautiful! Maybe I will try this on Hannah's hair for the 1st day of school. If I do...I'll post the results on my blog.

Yvette West

Sherelle--I love your blog (and stalk it regularly). I wish my girls were little still so I could play with their hair again--now I'll have to wait for granddaughters (although I'll have to wait a while, my girls are still teens)! I would like to pass along a blogging award to you. You can get the information for it on my blog. Thanks for sharing your talents,


Yvette West

Sherelle--I love your blog (and stalk it regularly). I wish my girls were little still so I could play with their hair again--now I'll have to wait for granddaughters (although I'll have to wait a while, my girls are still teens)! I would like to pass along a blogging award to you. You can get the information for it on my blog. Thanks for sharing your talents,



Love the name you gave it!! Ha ha! So true. I do this but not the spray gel step... that truly makes a huge difference... wow! She looks darling! Is her hair thick? How do you get little barrettes to hold her hair back?


Thanks for sharing!!! I can't wait to try this. One ?, what kind of spray gel do you use?


oh, my, this looks difficult. i say this because i know when i see the tutorials i think oh, awesome! and then when i get my daughter in front of me and start attempting to do what you say, it's much more difficult than you make it look. ;) also, in the other picture, Grace had a braid, maybe, on top of her head? how did you do that? (sorry, i'm a little detail oriented when it comes to the hair...and i have to have step by step instructions.) :) THANKS though - i love your hairstyles for your girls - you are very creative!

Deb Wisker

Look at those girls! They are too cute!!


Your girls are gorgeous of course...can't wait to try this on my little girls. My poor 8 year old just is vying for curly hair of course she has thick pin straight hair. Anytime we've tried to curl in the past it get straight super quick. I will try this and hopefully she'll get her wish! Thanks for posting!!!


Thank you thank you! I have been waiting for this! I love love your blog! Just don't comment as much as I would like.

Brianna Kirkham

I have always wondered how to do that, to bad, Naomi is the only one with long enough hair, and she wont let me curl her hair, cause she wants it as long as it can be. Also, I love your layout with the new Melissa francis products! You are so talented. I'm sure I've told you that several times.


Beautiful!!! Your girls are just darling :)

Holly D.

So stinkin' cute! I LOVE that hairstyle. ALL of your girls are just gorgeous!! :)


Thanks Sherelle! Kailtyn cant wait to have pretty hair.

Chantri Keele

What gorgeous little girls. I bet getting them ready daily is such a fun job! I can't wait until Boston has long enough hair to do like this. Thanks for the tutorial--you are so amazing.

michelle lanning

LOVELY -- I wil so use this idea - thanks a million!

Mel Z

OMG! Absolutely ADORABLE!!


My son Antoine is just beside of me and told me "waw what a beautiful girl !!"
(He LOVES girls and have a lot of friends - girls - because he is so sweet and patient...)


Ooooooh they are SOOOOOO cute.......
so beautiful girls !

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