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July 22, 2008


Faith and Chocolate

OH RATS! I forgot to come back with my recipe! OH!... well if you are working on making it available for everyone, then whoohoo! I didn't miss out too much, then. ;)
Girl, love those Finger Burn Curls... And, of course, the picture of those sweet, sweet, girls of yours! Thank you for all your inspiration and fun family photo sharing... I have awarded you a little bloggy award to you! When you get a chance go take a look-see at my blog. ;)


Great photos!!! Wow...what a terrific bonding experience for them all! What kind of fish are those....maybe musky? They are absolutely HUGE!!! My husband is drooling...


wow, those are some big fish! these are cute photos, but i can't wait for Grace's hair tutorial!! is that sad? but my poor daughter has been living off the same 3 or 4 hairstyles currently in your tutorial, so we need some change! ;)


Great Pictures! Your photos are always so crisp and colorful. It looks like the kids (and the grown ups too) are having a great summer. Those fish are amazing.


Those are great photo's. It looks like they did good fishing! What kind of dog is that in the last picture?


Great pics! the first one is so beautiful! I will be waiting for your cookbook and Grace's curled hair tutorial! Thank you for sharing!


Ahhhh, Great pics and welcome to Canada. I am from BRitish Columbia, Canada. If you ever get the chance you should definatley visit Beautiful BC.

Janiel Bishop

You have taught them well! The pictures are fantastic and the fish are HUGE!


I can't believe it my son has the SAME shoes than your son !! When we went to the shoes store, he felt "in love" for that shoes but I didn't like it but he insists... and now I think his shoes are perfect for him !


Is that me ?? really ?? what a great surprise !
I am very very happy !
My email is leonetlola@gmail.com
or send me an email from my blog http://leonetlola.blogspot.com

Thanks you SO much !!!

And what wonderful pictures about fishing in Canada !! What a wonderful love between the son and the father... I love to see that kind of pictures !

Thanks YOU Sherelle !!


I made your creamed peas and potatoes last night for dinner. My husband grew up in Idaho and talks about having that meal at his grandmothers house, so I had to try it. It was delicious. It is hard to compete with a memory sometimes, but my husband loved it too!
Thanks for sharing

Ellen Patton

Those are some fish!! I'd love one of your recipe books and will patiently wait!

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