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May 12, 2008



the kids are gorgeous, your photography is AMAZING!!!


Great pictures! Can you PLEASE share how you get Grace's hair so curly (step by step:)) and also the hairstyle when she is fiddling? Pleeeeeease? :) It looks beautiful!! I still use the hairstyles that you shared last year for my daughter - they look so cute! Thanks! :)

Natalie Grover

Very cute post! I love all the photos! You have to check out my latest post! It's Laura's B-day and I put a bunch of old pics on a slide show for her, and you're in a couple! You'll get a good laugh at them. Except your so beautiful even back in the 90's!

Rachel Berry

Wow! Such great pictures! I love the one with all the cousins in the field together.

:)Rachel B.


My favorite thing about Mother's Day is the look on their proud little faces after you open their gifts. Best. I can see it on Russell.

Corina Syanovitz

Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking!! PLease share what camera you use!!!


Fun, fun times. Question, on Mother's Day how did you curl Gracie's hair? Did you do it with the buns like the tutorial on your sidebar or was it something else? So cute!


Those photos are perfect. They all tell a story! :) Love that!


You have to share on Gracie's hair...so cute. I would love to hear some tips on your beautiful hair as well...I love your ponytail with the poufy in the back :)


Boy the first couple pictures of your son are priceless!! I don't even know him and I feel "proud of him!" You really know how to capture a great picture!! It really does say a thousand words!!!!


I just wanted to thank you for the recipe for the cake, I made it for mothers day and everyone raved about it. It was also very simple to make, THANK YOU FOR SHARING!


Love all of the pictures. The one of you with all the kids is adorable. Glad to hear you had such a great day!!


yes Sherelle, how did you do gracie's hair I love it....

bichonpawz / Jeanne

So glad to hear you had a nice Mother's Day...you deserve it! Awesome pictures....your family is always having fun!!


Great pictures Sherelle! you are a great Mama! love your picture with your kids.

Marci Cyphert

You're pictures are amazing! Your children will be so thankful for all these wonderful memories you have captured for them. Not that you don't already know this but your kids are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Renee' Morris-Dezember

I just love your DDs hair! Your photos always amaze me. TFS

Deb Wisker

Always such beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing!

michelle lanning

I need to know how you did Grace's hair -- the pictures are beautiful!!!


Love all your pics! Just HOW did you get Grace's hair like that? I love it! I was just thinking how glad I was that Russell is such a little boy, because I have 3 girls and I worry that if I have a boy, he won't be very "manly".


So cute Rell!!! I swear you photos cannot get any cuter.

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