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May 01, 2008


Scrapping Servant

LOVE the family tree picture!!!

Sabrina S

WOW! That cake sounds yummy! I will definitely be trying it out! Do you chill the cake after drizzling coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk? This might be a no-brainer...
It sure looks like you've been having fun!


Happy Birthday!!

Fantastic pictures, love the different angles and setups used.


Happy Birthday to Russ!! Can't wait to try that recipe.

Kristi Ottmar

What a GREAT birthday. I loved all the pic's. The mud and his BMX bike were GREAT. I think the tree one with the whole fam is amazing! I love your stuff over at Adorn it this week as well!

Robyn Longhurst

He IS cute!!! I love little boys - especially the rough and dirty and sweet and gooey kind!

Janiel Bishop

I am SO going to try that cake recipe! Yum!!! Also I love the picture of your "family tree!" My small family did one simular but with only 6 members it wasnt nearly as awesome looking.


great photos especially the one of everyone up the tree. And it looks like Russ had a great time...


great photos especially the one of everyone up the tree. And it looks like Russ had a great time...


Great pictures! i love the one in the big tree! you have a great family and Russell looks so happy! congrats!


Hey! We have a fire pit like that in the yard at the cottage! Love fire pit food! Russell looks so happy in all the pictures. Terrific family gathering. I love all the different pics you took of the kids...and the ones with the grandparents. Your pictures are always special. Very inspiring!! And I'll have to try that cake recipe...


Looks like tons of fun and so good to "see" your Mom too! I miss seeing her in the store!


Hey's so cute!!! Thats awsome that he had a great day. Its amazing how fast they grow up.


I love all the photos! Keep em coming! Happy birthday Russ. We've have 3 birthday in our little fam this week. I'll definitely try that cake.

kristan martin

Sherelle, never apologize for too many pictures, there is no such thing! I love the picture of everyone in a tree, how wonderful. Lucky has the same bike as Russell and the same Nerf gun. I'm tellin ya, you have great taste! We had a similar birthday for Lucky, outdoors, fire pit and hot dogs. His friends brought their 4 wheelers and they rode around our track. Out door birthdays are perfect for crazy little boys. I'm so glad you had such nice weather for his party!


I'm definitely trying the cake recipe! Yum! What a cute little guy! I bet you can't believe he's already 5!


We're coconut fans around here too!!! Definatlely have to try this out! :)


I'll have to try this cake recipe...I so love coconut! Looks like he had a great birthday.

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