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May 01, 2008



UGH! I am so glad we aren't in Utah or Idaho! Sorry you got snow! Love all your pictures!


? That's crazy! I really hope you have from now on better weather! it's may!!


Looked like that out my window this morning too. I was NOT happy about it. I was glad that it warmed up a bit later though!


We got snow too! However it's beautiful now...


Cache Valley is doing the exact same thing...we woke up to snow this morning too! I wish the weather would stop being so weird. Happy Spring!!!

Ellen Patton

NO WAY! We've had some cold days in Boston but no snow in weeks. Sorry!!

Andrea Eager

I'm also freezing here in Idaho, but thankfully no snow... yet.
Best wishes for warmer weather


We got snow last night too...I feel your pain.

Alicia King

yup...I am sick of the snow, WE WANT THE SUN!


uggghh... that's what it looks like here in utah too! will summer ever come??? i just keep looking at the cute new summer clothes the easter bunny brought to my boys and wishing they could wear them.

Peg Graham

I'm sending you some sunshine and warmer temps, woman!!! It's been in the 70's-80's here in Virginia...we can share some sun your way, eh?


Sabrina S

Wow, I am so sorry. We've had a cold spring too, but nothing like that. Sending warm vibes your way! Hopefully it will just warm right up!!!


Yep I had to scrape off the car in Bountiful today. Enough is enough.


Yep I had to scrape off the car in Bountiful today. Enough is enough.


That is just CRAZY!!!! Of course, we've had numerous days of: sun for a few hours, followed by black clouds and a dumping of rain, a dash of sleet then hail-then sun again in the evening. It's been really strange!


I know it's annoying for you, but being in Southern California, where it doesn't snow, I would love to be there! Wanna trade? :o)

lori jolley

Yeah - I think I'm going to go back to bed. Sigh.

Cherie Goff

WOW!! Oh WOW!! Hopefully sunshine will be in your forcast soon!!

Shelly B.

What is the deal?? I've about had it with this weather! JEESH!

kristan martin

I hear ya Sherelle. We have snow in our forecast too. It's just not right!

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