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April 25, 2008


 Becky Mitcell

Too cute for words. We are celebrating our son's 1st Birthday at the end of the month so the keepsake box is a great way for friends and family to write notes and wishes for the future. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Vicky Blackwell

Very cute ideas. Thanks for sharing. I haven't seen the new book from Making Memories - I would love a copy.
Vicky in TN

Tami F.

Gosh, you're just so amazingly talented!! Thanks for always providing such beautiful eye candy :D

Always Playin

You are such a talented lady! I love all of your work. Especially all the girly stuff! Thanks for all of the great ideas!!


Oh my gosh...they are darling!!!! What a great gift for a new mom. Love, love, love your creativeness (not sure that's a word)but you know what I mean.


Love the baby pages. I can't wait to get a look at the new MM book. Maybe it will give me a kick start on my 2 1/2 and 13 year olds baby books. :o)

Lisa Chavez

Great ideas! I'd love to see the book!


Whew... what stinkin cute projects you have. I would love to make the suitcases to hold
"my".. I mean my daughter's American Girl clothes. To cute..............

Dawn Knapp

So Cute!! I love all of these projects. You are just so stinkin' talented!

Dawn Knapp

So cute!! I love all of these projects. You're just so stinkin' talented!!

Jana Smith

Hi Sherelle. Your stuff is so cute! I admire all your work...you inspire me to be more crafty...(my husband doesn't like you much though lol!! ;) )

Darlene D'Eon

Woohoo, sounds like a great prize. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


I love these projects, so cute, especially the little suitcases:)


Love it all! Hope I get picked! Julia


WOW!!! What Amazing Projects! I love to see you work, you give me such Inspiration! :)

Kaylene Bitter

As I type I am continually wiping the drool overflowing out of my jaw that fell to the floor (and is still there) over those DARLING suitcases!! How cute are they? As well as the hangers and the Christmas LO such talent. Please share where you got the suitcases. Also, when can the rest of us get our paws on our own copy of the book? Do tell!!! ;0)

Debbie Hutchinson

I love everything!!! You are going to have so many wonderful heirlooms to pass down to all of your beautiful children. Keep up
good work!


I absolutely love your ideas, and food recipes! Very talented, and FUN! Miss you at the scrapcoop.


omg...I have some of those suitcases that I need to alter! You make it look so easy. I have been staring at them for over a year now ;)

Amber Cederberg

Great ideas!! Your amazing!!


Oh gosh....those are the cutest ideas ever! MM never ceases to amaze me! (nor do you!)
Loving all your blog updates lately, so ready for SPRING to get here for real this time!
:O) DarlaLOU

fran heupel

Amazing work as always Sherelle! The cases are just adorable would love to make some for my two daughters. Thanks you for posting this wonderful work and giveaway.

Fran Heupel


Wow! SO very cute!! Love it...

Lisa N

Wow, cute project ideas. I love the little suitcases:)

Cindy C. T.

How cute! Love it all!

Laurie Birt

Okay, I'm coming back in my next life as your daughter-ha. Seriously, would you be willing to adopt a 40 year old? Amazing projects-makes my Rubbermaid tubs with ditty dot names for my kids look pretty pitiful. Laurie Birt :)

Laurie Birt

Okay, I'm coming back in my next life as your daughter-ha. Seriously, would you be willing to adopt a 40 year old? Amazing projects-makes my Rubbermaid tubs with ditty dot names for my kids look pretty pitiful. Laurie Birt :)


This is amazing! How do you manage to do so many things? Seriously!

You're amazing!


I would LOVE to win this book ... it looks like it's just full of neat ideas! Thanks for giving one away!

Teresa Abajo

sherelle - I just love your projects and can't wait to see the whole book. MM publications are always brilliant!


SOOOOO CUTE!! I Love the hangers!! What an adorable idea the suitcases are!


Eww, I love that box to store fun baby memories...I might have to do that for my little guy. The hangers are darling as well, so many fun things, so little time! We adopted our son in July and I am a weirdo about keepsakes! I think its cause he is probs our one and only!! Gotta cherish every moment!

Monica Ferri

I love those mini suitcases! What a great idea.
I also adore those cute shirts the girls were wearing playing ring around the rosie.
Thanks for sharing all the fun stories of your life.


Cute baby stuff! I love a good giveaway!

Megan Mill

you are very talented sherelle. thanks for your inspiration, in art and in life.

Stella Crupko

Gorgeous projects! Pick me! I would love to have that book!!!!


Hi Sherelle, I'm one of those people who reads your blog, but I'm always shy to leave a comment. You have inspired me to be more creative and be more organized, but I'm still working at it. I love your work and wish I had some of your talents for scrapbooking. Maybe someday...Keep up the good work and God bless your family.
P.S- BTW, I tried some of the hairdos on my 6-year old daughter and she loved them. Thanks!


You are so talented, love your creations. I love the suitcases and the hangers are so cute too. Thanks for sharing all your talent and inspiring us! :)

Heather Ruwe

Thanks for all of the inspiring ideas! Would love a copy of the book! :)

Peg Graham

Sherelle- I would totally love to own one of those MM books with your awesome work in it! Your schtuff rocks the fab, woman! I NEED a boook, so I can not 'stalk' your blog as much to drool...hehehe

(so, pick me, please!)

Big Hugs-

Janelle in MT

what adorable projects...that box is too die for! I love your christmas layout! but then again, i love everything you do :)


HOLY CRAP!!! I want one of those!
Your stuff is super cute as always Sherelle!

Ranay Thompson

Your kids are so dang cute - even covered with dirt! And what adorable baby projects - so much fun! Maybe someday I'll have a cute little girl who I can spoil with fun girly things like these!!!

Becky, MT

I love the new colors & the projects are awesome!


I really enjoy your blog.You have such creative ideas.Please enter me in your drawing.Thank you.

Kristi Ottmar

Darling projects! I am going to have to seek one out!

Jenn H.

Gorgeous stuff as always. I love stopping by to see what you create.


Once again I love your work. I would love to hear more about farming life. I'm a city girl and find that part of you life really interesting. Thanks for blogging.

Lisa Johnson

You have more talent and creative juices in your pinki fingernail than I have in my whole body!!! What does the blue hanger say on it?

bermudabluez / Jeanne

Fabulous job on all of your projects! You are one VERY talented lady!! Love your stuff!!


Such cute projects!!! Your work never ceases to inspire!


Adorable projects.....I would love some inspiration to finish some of the baby LO's that I never got to! :)


I always love whatever you desigh. They are so CUTE!!!


LOVE the small suitcases! That new baby line looks gorgeous - need to get my hands on some of that beautiful paper.

Tami W.

I absolutely love those suitcases!! I might just have to make one to hold my sons's preschool artwork in. Thanks for all the great ideas you give. You are extremely talented and I really enjoy checking out your blog and seeing what you have created. Thank you!


Just found your site and I love it. So many wonderful projects...very creative and such adorable kids! I grew up on a farm so I love seeing that aspect of your family life. As a new paper crafter I am so inpsired and really appreciate you sharing...I have two little girls and we are considering a third...how can you keep up with four and do all this creative stuff too? You're my idol!! Best wishes =)


I just love the suitecases! They are so cute! and I love reading all of your blogs and looking at your wonderful pictures of your family! Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas!


I love every single piece of creativity that you do. I always know I can get inspired when I come to your blog. And a couple of days ago I tried one of your kids hairstyles on my girls and we all loved it. Thanks!!


Love those suitcases! What a cute idea!

Jill R

You make the most adorable projects and layouts! I LOVE IT ALL! Congrats on being published!


love your projects. cute hangers. i would love that idea book!


Thanks for sharing the pics. Once again, great creative ideas have been found on your blog.

Donna Kjellander-Karlan

Your work is totally beyond cute!

Beatriz Jennings

OMG!!!!!!!! I just LOVE all your projects! :)

Holly Child

Beautiful work, as always! :o)


Your projects are so cute, I'm sure the book is amazing!


Sherelle! the projects are so beautiful!! congrats!

Elise DeMille

Thanks for all of your wonderful posts! You always inspire me as a scrapbooker and a mother. I really admire you and your talents.


oh wow...your stuff is always so cute and creative! i would so love a copy...those books are awesome!

Jo Ann Cummings

I absolutely love the suitcases, the baby hangers and the Christmas layout! Where did you find the suitcases? Sherelle you are one talented lady! My mom made your bow tie pasta the other day and I have to tell you it was a little bit of heaven on a plate, I loved it!


Holy crap! There is a whole lot of cuteness going on. *B


I'm so glad I found your blog, your projects are great!!


I'm so glad I found your blog, your projects are great!!


I LOVE your projects! The hangers are TO DIE FOR! So totally adorable...just like everything you create! Thanks for always sharing your inspiration with us!

Happy Friday!


How stinkin adorable is all the stuff!! Love it!


All such cute ideas. I AM IN LOVE WITH THE HANGERS! Does mm sell them?

Brenda Carpenter

Looks like another great MM book! I love those baby clothes hangers - so adorable! Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

Robyn Longhurst

Love, love, love the suitcases! Almost bought some on Land of Nod when we were building the house.
Fellow Farmer's Wife, Robyn


WOW! Your work is absolutely amazing! I visit your blog regulary and I am never dissapointed! Always something inspirational and you have done it again with these beautiful projects you have created for Making Memories! Thanks so much for sharing!


You always do such cute stuff. Thank you for sharing!


Oh, those little baby suitcases are my favorite! Thanks for sharing, I love all your work.....

lori jolley

I always love your work. Those baby hangers are really cute! Almost makes me wish ... okay maybe it doesn't. The hangers are cute though!

patty cole

love your blog, always fun, sweet, inspirational

patty cole

love your blog, always fun, sweet, inspirational

patty cole

love your blog, sweet, fun and always inspirational


what adorable projects, Sherelle!
LOVE these!

Amilyn Dye

Hey Sherelle, it has been a while but I do check your site on a regular basis to see what is new and all of your cute ideas. They are amazing as always. -Amilyn

Lindsay G

I love all those projects. I would love a book!

Angela A.

Wow, what cute baby projects! I meant to post the other day on your kids outdoor adventures. Too fun. You're smart for documenting all of it. Time goes all too fast and later down the road it's hard to remember what the different ages were like.

Kimberly Skarren

Those are so cute! I love the hangers!


You never cease to amaze me!

Andrea Eager

Love it all!
I'm going to make those hangers!
Wonderful projects as always, thank you
for sharing them!


LOVE what you created, Sherelle! I just love your work! Those hangers are too cute! Thanks for the chance and the inspiration! ;)

Annie Tuckett

yay! I need a new baby idea book :) That's almost exciting as us about being done planting grain! What fun, fun stuff! You really are my hero!

Annie Tuckett

yeah! I need a new baby idea book :) What fun, fun stuff! You really are my hero!


Hi Sherelle - I recently found your blog through someone else's and LOVE it! I've bookmarked it so I can check back everyday! Love your work and your blog - those suitcases are just TOO cute! Thanks for all the inspiration!


As always your projects are amazing! Thanks for sharing!


As aways your projects are amazing!


Love your work, as always! You give me inspiration...Thanks!!! --Amy S


Those suitcases are ridiculously gorgeous. You always make the most beautiful things. Thanks for all the great ideas! (I'm getting ready to try a shirt like the Valentine's ones you made. Wish me luck!)

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