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April 30, 2008


Peg Graham

Happy Birthday Russell!

Love those photos!


What a sweetie, you are so lucky! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

Darlene D'Eon



Have a Fantastic Birthday Russell and please post photos of the cake...

Andrea UK

Great photographs! Happy Birthday to your dear son!


Russell sure is cute!! Hope he had a terrific fifth birthday!! Your pictures are the BEST!!

Robyn Longhurst

Hey Sherelle,
Don't ya love the baby boys?!! They're awesome for their mammas.
Hey - what action did you use on the last one?

fran heupel

Happy Birthday Russell! Enjoy your special day and the many more to come.

Deb Wisker

Happy Birthday Russel! Hope you have a great day!

Kim Rose

You can tell he is all boy! Coming from a family of 6 girls, I have had a hard time living with twin boys. Gotta love them!

kristan martin

How awesome Sherelle. He is such a doll. I hoep he had a great 5th birthday, it's a big one!


Happy Birthday!

I bet there is a funny story behind the bike picture.


Happy Birthday, Russell! Looks like he has been busy in the last 5 years from the photos :)


What a handsome little guy! :) Hope you post the cake, I loved the cute monkey cupcakes for one of his birthday's! :)

Janiel Bishop

What a super cutie! Hope he has a great birthday!!!


I hope Russell has a great day. He sure is cute.


Happy Birthday Russell!!! He's such a cute boy!

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