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April 23, 2008


bermudabluez / Jeanne

The girls are adorable! Oh, I remember Shasta Creme Soda...love the stuff! Your pics are terrific. Have a great weekend!


LOVE those pics of your dirty kidlets! SO cute!!! And the sawing the dead cat?! Hilarious! What a boy, indeed. Farmlife fun...

kristan martin

Sherelle, love these pictures and stories. They are so funny. Looks like you guys are having a great spring!

Andrea UK

Such cute pics of your darling kids!


They are just freakin cute dirty or clean! I presonally love the dirty ones but I am all about playing in mud and stuff...life is short get dirty. :)
Love photo 3!


Sooooo cute. Love the dirt and the little hair bows. Isn't that what kids area all about?!


Where did you get those adorable dresses/shirts for the girls? SO cute!!

Love the "getting dirty" pictures. Looks like fun!


Hey Sherelle. . .stop it with the dirty kids, those pics made me laugh out loud. Love them, perfect for documentation purposes! I am about T minus a couple of weeks until my blog is ready, i'll let you know. Hey, we need to get together for dinner again, before it gets too crazy. Take care.


Love your photos!!! I really enjoy reading your blog. The girls look so pretty!

Janiel Bishop

What is it with kids and dirt? I cant imagine ALL the laundry you get after a day outside. I just have the 1 boy and its PILES and PILES of dirt clothes. Makes for great pictures though AND it keeps them entertained. Cute post today!

Lisa Johnson

K, you are THE CUTEST mom ever! Not to mention the nicest mom ever to let your kids play in the dirt like that and get all messy. Those dresses and headbands and hairdos on the girls are ADORABLE!!!

Ellen Patton

The pictures of dirty Kate are adorable!


the contrast of the pictures is hilarious! What fun!

Holly Child

I love that your girls can be such pretty, pretty little princesses, but then can get down and dirty in the yard! Great pictures! :o)


PS I LOVE to see your kids having fun and getting dirty! Those pics of Miss Kate are great! :) I want to be more like you and not sweat the small stuff... they are just kids right?! Let them get dirty and have fun! :)


I LOVE the ring around the rosies pics. Probably because that's exactly what Brooklyn would be doing! You never know what a day will bring with kids right?! Looks like your fishing trip was fun too!

Beatriz Jennings

your photos are always so beautiful! ;)


Now I know why you have two washers and dryers! Such fun memories for you kiddos! And the girls hair is adoreable!


Your kids clean up so well. No really - you have the cutest kids and I love how you are so easy going when it comes to them getting down to business in the dirt OUTSIDE. You are one COOL MAMA.

lori jolley

Love those cute little feminine, farmin' girls! You have such a cute family! I love seeing your photos!

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