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December 01, 2007



I don't know much about this...but we are sitting our neighbors' Yorkie and she is paper trained. Seems they learned if they paper trained her, they could just leave some newspaper in the laundry room upstairs and the powder room down. That way they can leave her - even overnight - and she'll just go on the paper - it's almost like having a cat and litterbox. Only works for small dogs, obviously, but it really is handy - sitting her has been easy, if we don't make it to let her out, there's just a damp newspaper to replace. And. They save her doggie treats for if she goes out to do her thing. So she really is motivated to get outside if you're around.

Maricarmen Maza

Cute kids and cute layouts!


Hey Sherelle! Congrats on the new addition to your family! Even if you aren't a dog person you'll love your shnauzer. As you know, I have one and he's so cute and fun. And he was the easiest dog ever to potty train. We didn't do the crate training. We actually just put him in the kitchen with a baby gate and some of those puppy pads when we weren't home and when we were home we put the puppy pads right in front of the door we wanted him to go to when he wanted to go outside to go potty. It only took a few weeks to potty train him and he goes to that same door and sits if he wants to go out. He has never been one of those dogs that gets up in the night to go out either (which is SUCH a pain) - he goes to bed when we go to bed and goes potty right before bed and first thing in the morning. I think if you establish a potty routine early it really helps with potty training. He is also really good when we leave him home alone (which is pretty much every week day while we are at work and school). As long as he has a spot to go where he can look outside he leaves the rest of the house alone - all of our neighbors probably think we're crazy because Andy sits on a little seat thats in our spare bedroom (which is on the front of our house) - so he's always looking outside and checkin' out the neighbors. He has been our easiest dog to teach tricks to as well - you'll find out that schnauzers are super smart. Andy can sit, lay down, roll over, watch TV on command and he knows all his toys by name so if you tell him to get the ball - that's what he gets. I think that's so cool. But then again, I am a crazy dog lady. Anyway - good luck with your puppy - he's so cute!!

Linda Albrecht

How adorable is everything over here on your little blog?!! Cute projects and those children just make me melt, melt, melt. How do you ever say no to them? Thanks for sharing your spot in the world. Linda

mary leeson

I am so ENJOYING your blog - so many wonder ful things. And your kids are TOO DARN CUTE!!!! Been wanting to try digital scrapbooking but seems to difficult. Maybe some day. Blessings to you!!


I had to chime in because i have two miniature schnauzers. They are great dogs...no shedding, smart, and good with kids. I love my dogs and am too attached! I agree with Janie on the crate training. We caved with one of ours and she sleeps with us. =P Your children will love the dog though and it will be a wonderful way to teach them responsibility, etc.


That is one cute puppy. I don't like schnauzers, but black is cute! My only advice on the training is only rewarding good behavior. Beatings don't work....wink.

Holly Child

Wow...Love all your stuff!! You always have such great stuff on your blog!! I love reading it! :o)

Darlene D'Eon

You're kids are so cute. I always enjoy seeing your photos of them. And the dog is sweet. I'm sure your kids will learn alot from having him around. Getting past these first couple of months will be the worse and then everyone will settle into a routine and you'll love it.


That dog is the cutest ever!

Andrea Sponenburgh

I am not much of a dog lover either but he is cute! I know as soon as we get in our house we are going to have to get one for Tyler as much as I DON'T want to. You will have to give me some pointers when you get it all figured out. Love your digi pages and Yeah Kate!

Jenn Gent

Cute puppy, cute kids and cute layouts! :) I noticed your girls are often decked out in Gymboree (we have that cupcake shirt, too). I'm always looking for cute digital kits to coordinate with my daughter's clothes. (Maybe I'm a little too into the matchy-matchy stuff - but that is why I buy Gymboree!) Anyway, do you know of any digital designers who are "inspired" by Gymboree clothes? Oh, and I can't wait to get that Jolly Lil Friends Kit - thanks for the preview!


Your puppy is too cute:) He would melt my heart for sure. Also wanted to say thanks for the chore charts and menu planner on the side. I FINALLY set my printer up and so now I can use them. I hope it will encourage my kids to do chores. Your digi lo's are fantastic:)


I forgot to add... Make sure the crate's not to big...you don't want him to have enough room that he can go to one end and do his buisness. It should be just big enough for him to lay down in. You can always buy a crate that's bigger and block off the other end. A lot of crates come with a divider. That way you can adjust it to his size as he grows.


CRATE TRAIN!! It's the best thing you can do for him and yourself! It will become his home, his safe place. It'll be hard at first, harder on you than on him! put a nice blanket down and toss in some treats, let him go in and get them and come right back out. Do that quite a few times so he get's used to it, really comfortable with it. Then, toss in a couple of treats and shut the door for a couple of minutes. Then let him out. Keep doing that until he's pretty comfortable with it. Then when he falls a sleep, pick him up and put him in his crate. It really does become their home. A place where he can go and get away from everything. I have 2 Jack Russels and they sleep in theirs all the time. Even over night. Keeps them out of trouble and safe and let's me sleep without worries! I've trained dogs for a long for a long time. If you have any questions, let me know. I'd be more than happy to help if I can.

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