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November 05, 2007



You have such beautiful children and beautiful scrapping style to match. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas!

kristan martin

I made this receipe and it was awesome. I always try to cook something fancy for my husband and the idea is either lost on him or I screw it up. This is perfect, he's a simple man and likes simple food and he LOVED this and there is no way I could mess it up!

Kristan Martin

Andrea Sponenburgh

Addilyn is so Beautiful and Tawsha looks great! Love the digi layouts, Kate is such a doll!

Kim Rose

Thank you for the great recipe! I have needed a new crock pot one. LOVE IT!
My life will be a bit easier this week.
Lily is a doll. Know that she is not the first to be so creative! Better her legs than your walls!


Been there 100 times with the pen marks everywhere. She is so cute though. Beautiful lo's.

Tiffany Johnson

I love those pages! Where did you get the digital kits. I must buy them!

Maricarmen Maza

Your digital layouts are gorgeous. I love this pic of Lily!


Lily looks so cute! It would be hard to get mad at such a cutie!! I remember my own daughter when she was that age...great memories. Not sure what software you use for your digital creations, but it's fantastic!


Ok, so I totally relate to the markers on the legs. Both my last 2 girls used to do this on a daily basis if they could get their pants off, or if I happened to leave them bare for 5 seconds there would always be at least on color if not multiple. Thank heavens crayola washes off. Now sharpie on the other hand doesn't do so well, and yes we've had both kinds.
Way to go with pictures instead of getting mad. Its hard sometimes.

Shelly B.

I can't believe your baby's one! Time sure does fly by! She is such a doll, just like the rest of your cuties! ;)

Linda Albrecht

Cute shots of Lily--how could you get mad at that face?!!!! Your digital layouts are gorgeous. You are talented in every way there is!!! Linda

Holly D.

Yet another yummy recipe and some awesome ideas Sherelle!! I LOVE this pic of Lilly... too funny.... probably because I did the exact same thing today with my little Brooklyn... took a pic instead of getting mad... she completed her first little masterpiece on my wall! Too funny!

Deb Wisker

ROFL & LMBO!! You have your hands FULL with that little Imp Lilly!! Great pics! Addilynn looks like she could be your daughter! She reminds me of Grace! That recipe sounds tasty! It's going in my book for sure! Thanks for sharing!

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