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July 19, 2007



Definitely gonna try this will certainly make wonderful gifts


cannot find these hang tags anywhere...tried some of the other places posted, like mayra road...nothing...anyone?

Michele Olson

could you please tell me what the size for tags are? Are they made of chipboard, or something else? They are adorable. Wasn't quite sure what you meant about what you purchased by Digital Muse???? pls clarify....thank you....can't wait to make them. Did you ever find the site you were looking for ?

Annalee Watkins

I don't have a blog but if I did....I did this project but like many others could not find anything for the base so....I used tin snips it cut strips out of cans (soup cans, corn whatever). I used needle nose pliers to turn the sharp edges under just a tiny bit. Cover the metal strip with good old duct tape by wrapping around just once centering the seam. Cover this ugliness by glueing a thin fabric over it center the seam on the the other side. Then I added photos and dipped it in my home made mod podge, I dipped and let them hang to dry and then dipped again. I dipped my pieces so that the mod podge would seal the edges all around and it worked quite well. The tip of a pencil can easily pop open the hole for the chain again. My result is beautiful and very sturdy. Thanks for supplying this great jumping off post!


Going to try with the grandchildren for Christmas gifts !!! Thanks so much :-) .

Ferne Harasimiw

I cut up my old Tim's cards. Works beautifully. Thank you for a craft I can finally do. Lol (your "all thumbs with no talent" fan).


i can't find these hang tags anywhere...i want this exact one...anyone able to find them?

Crystal Ebert

What an inexpensive gift that is so cute. Love it alot. Thanks for sharing.

Leanna Harper

great christmas idea thanks

Lisa Longyard

I just found your key chain Idea on Pinterest.. I love it can't wait to make one ofr each of my grandkids and giving them to my daughters and Grandmoms!!!!

Thank you!!!!


I see no one has been able to find these tags. It looks like you could take the card stock, the really thick ones you use for letters, elements, etc. (I cant think what it is called lol) Then use a hole punch to cut out your hole. Use your modge podge for the paper, pic and seal it if you choose to make it last longer. I am going to try this and see what else I can use. Ex: old debit cards cut up, the mini cards, etc. Thanks for the idea.

colleen burke

what is the size of the picture needing to be? I got a counter sample tag from homedepot since it already had a hole punched & is very sturdy & FREE;o)


This is sooooo awsomeee


Great idea, I'll have to try this. :O)

Stephanie Alphin

just would like to know the measurements please?

Stephanie Alphin

the tags are sold out with the link you listed but I'm trying to find some more close to the same size, but I don't know the size. Can you tell me how tall and wide please?

Courtney Moreau

I absolutely love this but don't know where to buy the tags. Please let me know. Thanks Courtney Moreau.


Love these and have almost everything I need. Can you tell me where you got your letter stickers? I love the font and can't find anything like it around where I live or online. Thanks!


I see where one commenter asked if you would make them for a price! Did you or would you? Im not a very good DIY-er. :)BUT LOVE THESE!


For all who dont know here is how to make your own Modge Podge. Jar.... Fill half full wth elmer's glue....fill half full with water.... SHAKE WELL..... MODGE PODGE!


I made these for mother's day gifts using old gift cards. i posted how they turned out on my blog: http://zisforzel.blogspot.com/2012/05/homemade-photo-key-chains-for-mothers.html

Thanks for the great idea!

Mishelle O.

You can do the same with the counter samples from your local Menards, Home Depot or Lowes... They ALSO have a hole big enough for a key.. and you can find big ones and small ones too! makes this project a little more inexpensive! Glad I came across this! because I have TONS of them! I use them for gift tags.. I didn't think of using it for a key chain!


Alex Hang Tags no longer are made by Bare Elements. Where else can I get these tags? LOVE this !!!!


Can't wait to try this, got all the stuff today!! Thanks for sharing!

Karri Reiser

I found your idea on Pinterest and fell in love with it. I've created a Homemade Mother's Day Link Party on my blog and I would love to have you add this. You can find my link party at
Hope you can join me,


I love this idea and Thank you for sharing... I tried this project tonight but ended in disappointment. I used patterned paper and placed a photo and embellishments on the chipboard. Once I added the modge podge, it made my paper bubble and it discolored my photo. I used a thin layer of modge podge. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.


link above is for the key chain project


i cant seem to order these tags anywhere? and ur link to buy here doesnt work. any suggestions

Pattie McGinnis

Do you know where to purchase the little boards
That you used? The link didn't work.
Thank you

Sabrina Peart

Hey, used this idea, only modge podged fabric onto old cut outs from credit cards... (plus, cutting up those credit cards saved me some money! LOL) made fabulous ZIPPER PULLS! Great ideas all!


Hi, I have a few questions about these key chains. They are adorable. Would you mind emailing me at [email protected] Thanks!!!

Annie Erwin

How adorable! I can't find the purty pics actions you mentioned anywhere? still available?
Thanks! Annie :)


I LOVE THESE! Can I pay you to make them for me? Pretty please????!!!!!


What are the actually tags? The hyperlink is not working. Where do I get the tag to decorate?
Thanks - LOVE these!

Lisa - Lisa's Craft Blog

I've featured this project on my blog today!! You can see the post here: http://lisascraftblog.blogspot.com/2012/01/friday-features-1.html
Thanks for sharing such a great project!!


Found your keychains on pinterest and I love them! Making my own set as we speak! I couldn't find te Alex hang tags so I bought the keychain tags from maya road and they seem very similar. Both made out of chipboard. How many layers of mod podge did you use and did you need to used a sealer like it says on the mod podge bottle?


Very intersted in your key chains can you please email me at [email protected] so that I can talk to you a little bit more about them. They are such a cute idea.

jan m haddock

keychain is cute


Hey, I don't know you, but I love your blog and your great ideas! ( I found your blog from a friend of a friend, etc. ) Anyway, I was SO excited that you put instructions up about your key chains because I have been ADORING them!! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with those who are much less creatively inclined :)


Thanks for sharing. This is such a cute idea!!


Another option is to pick up some laminate chip samples from the hardware store (ie: home depot) and use those... they work well too and you can skip the grommet and just buy the lil' chain at a craft store to put them on your keychain. Also works great for making tags for luggage, backpacks and so on. I have used zip ties to put them on luggage before! But overall the same concept, just put your goodies on them, paint with the modge podge and you are done!

Deb Wisker

OH MY GOD!!! you have made me the happiest girl in the world!! Thanks so much for sharing such a fabulous project!! You're the best!

Monica Young

Love your keychain, it's too cute!!

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