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May 12, 2007


Shelly B.

Love the pictures Sherelle! Esp. the ones of Russell planting with your hubby...that is so cute, the two of them working together! And I agree...a few minutes of quiet sure can change your day!

Tanya Ellis

Silence is definetly golden!! I love the photo's!!


Hi, this is my first comment, but not my first visit! (I loved your washing tips, esp the one about the WD40). Totally LOVE the horse swing. What a fantastic idea! Those green gummies are totally cool too!


Such cute pics! Love those green wellies!! Happy Sunday!


Happy Mother's day! glad your having a great time of silence!!! I really need it from time to time!

Sandi D

This is my first time I read your blog and I just wanted to say your pictures and layouts are fantastic. I have seen many of your layouts in magazines and have always
liked your work.

Thank you for the inspiration.


Oh girl... silence IS golden when you have kids, isn't it? I treasure my early mornings to myself more than anyone could imagine! Glad you got some "down" time!!!


Ellen Patton

Your blog is one of my favorites. Nice photos!

fran heupel

Happy Mother's Day to you to Sherelle.
Love your blog and hope you have a very relaxing day with your family.

Fran Heupel

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