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April 16, 2007


Gina Wrona, Stampin' Queen

So cool, to see someone else do the same things i've tried with my daughter's hair!


Please talk with a hair stylist, as I've always been advised that adult styling products and tools are MUCH too damaging for children's hair, and will cause overdrying and breakage.

Nicole Spence

This sounds so familiar. My 3 1/2 year old will sit patiently and watch a cartoon while I do her hair, but I too put my 19 1/2 month old on my counter top with my makeup bag. Needless to say I've had a few broken eye shadow pads. You do a great job!!


Wow!! thanks a lot for this!!! one of my daugthers has a great hair but and she is great to do her hair but now she wants to be a mermaid!!! so sometimes I have to deal with that and not do her hair! thanks for all the photos!! they are great and your girls are so pretty.


thanks so much for the hair tips! Especially the swimming style!

Jennifer Jensen

love - love - love these ideas!! I have only one daughter who is about 15 months old and her hair is just getting long enough to start doing in different ways. I can't wait to try some of these techniques out on her. Thanks so much for sharing.


Wow Sherelle! Your girls are so stinken cute! My Hannah has just started sitting still for me long enough to mess around with her hair, but I am not that great at it. I'm going to try one of these styles tomorrow and see if I can get good this summer. I'm having a new baby soon so I'll start doing her hair cute at an earlier age. Hopefully that wont make it such a struggle. What brand of spray gel do you use? Hannah has so many wispies that I think it would help it look more finished.


this is super, super helpful! I have no idea how to do my daughters hair, and have the topsy tail- but seriously, I looked for books on how to do her hair and couldn't find anything! Once you start growing it long, you have to do SOMETHING to avoid the constant tangles! Thanks a bunch!

Robyn Longhurst

Thanks so much for the step by step photeos - couldn't be better instructions...
I'm a HAIR IDIOT! I have a daughter with perfect hair for all this cute stuff - but I'm not patient with the whole thing. I'm on my 4th day of wearing a hat because I don't enjoy even doing my hair.

Just wondering if you would share a couple more details - (1) what spray jel have you found works best? (2) where do you find the best rubber bands - Target or maybe a salon or something?
I'm willing to start trying with summer coming.
Also, is there a secret to getting the ponys to lay flat on their head? Mine ALWAYS pucker....no matter what size or placement.
Thanks for your time and info.

Shelly B.

So cute, Sherelle! My biggest problem right now is that Boston's hair looks cute till I load her in the car to go somewhere...then it rubs on the carseat and gets flat, messed up, and basically ruined. Any tips for that? I sort of got discouraged by that and stopped doing much with her hair because I felt my work was just going down the drain!

Ashley H.

Great tips Sherelle. I really need to get a spray bottle because usually I'm doing it at the sink dripping drops of water all over everywhere and it makes a mess.
I used to do topsy tails with Liv's hair when she was little it really helps the pony lay flat and not stick straight out from the scalp like an antenna! I'm going to try the Liquid spray gel too! I'm hoping that will cut down on the massive amounts of hairspray we go through!


What cute ideas. I will need to show these to Michelle.


Thanks for sharing this. Your girls always look so cute. :)
And I admit, I'm guilty of not always doing my girls hair. I look back when she was little and wish I could change her hair do....yikes!!
My daughter has really long hair like Grace so we do the braid thing alot. I'll have to try it with the topsy tails.
Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

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