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January 19, 2007



You really have such beautiful children! Kate looks so content and very cute.

Lisa Stephenson

Hi Sherelle!
She IS so darling!!

Tammy Dixon

Kate is SO cute and you are such a great mom!


she is a little doll......adorable baby


she is a little doll......adorable baby

Shelly B.

Kate looks stinking cute Sherelle! Those lips and cheeks are just so kissable! She's a doll!


Well Sherelle, you seem to be 'handling' everything great and I am always very impressed with how you juggle it all. Still, even "SUPER MOMS" have moments. Remember you need some TLC too. :O) (you'd laugh if you read MY blog today!)
LOVE the pix of Kate, she is precious and that outfit is "T.C"= too cute! Keep up the good work!


Hi, love your blog! Mom of 4 here(3 are grown ups now), try not to be so hard on yourself, relax and enjoy every day. P.S. those pics of your little treasure with the bunny outfit on are so sweet!!


Kate is adorable! I don't think you have to be old-fashioned to stress about being away from your children. I keep hoping that I will relax more when my kids are older (my 3 are about the same age as your oldest 3). Good luck with your CHA trip!

Patty S

I love love love that hat! She is precious!
With regard to the 'stressy stuff', hang in there...my mom always tells me when I'm stressin' about something, "This, too, shall pass." :-)


Kate is so precious. Don't you just love Gymboree?


She's a total DOLL face!! Sooo stinkin' cute! Good luck with all the scrapping. :)

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