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January 07, 2007


Jennifer Jensen

Love those blankets - what a wonderful idea. The rooms turned out amazing too. Did you make a pattern for the blankets? I would love some information on it if possible. My only little girl would love one of those! :) Jen

Wilna Furstenberg

Hi Sherelle!
I really enjoyed reading your blog tonight!
WOW, it's really inspiring for me, especially all the pictures of your kids!
This year it's been one of my goals to make-over our girls' rooms... so i will come and check this out again!

Kind regards

Wendy Sue

These rooms are awesome...my kids would LOVE them! Okay, I admit it...I would love to have a room just like Gracie's - for ME!!! :o)

Ashley Hollis

Your doll blankies you made are SOO cute. My little Liv would LOVE one of those. I wish I knew how to sew better and i would make her one. You are such a talented girl. And Grace's room is so cute.


Love the decoration work AWESOME!



sherelle, the kids' rooms are simply GORGEOUS! i especially love gracie's room. You always inspire me. thanks for sharing a little light into your life. have a fabulous day.


those are super sweet!


Wow!! That looks like a lot of work! What a fantastic project! Thank you for posting on my blog Shirelle!


Sherelle, those doll blankets are seriously so beautiful and a piece of art!! You are so creative and such a thoughtful mom!


Beautiful job on the blankets! Happy Belated Holidays!


How cute are those blankets?? I bet your girls just love them! And the new bedrooms are awesome! You guys did an amazing job!!!!!

Marilyn Anderson

This is exactly why I have you listed on MY blog under "Blogs that Inspire..." Everytime I check out YOUR blog you have created something both original and inspiring!

Patty S

I love the tent on the top bunk! The rooms are really nice - it's so worth all the hard work put into it when it's all said and done. The blankets are adorable, too! You and your husband did a great job! :-)

Shelly B.

Their rooms turned out sooo cute! And the blankies are adorable! I swear, whatever you touch turns to gold! And good job to your hubby too...what a good daddy!


Those blankets are totally adorable! And I LOVE Grace's room. It's so girly but the theme is something she may even like when she's in JR High/High School. You can never go wrong with Shabby Chic.


These are just sosososososos adorable! Your girl's will love them!

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