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December 30, 2006



oh sooo cute pictures :o)


LOL Love it all! So fun to read your adventures with all the little ones, I feel myself reading faster and faster as I anticipate your next words....like I can hardly keep pace just reading all your goings on, how do you keep up????? Crazy! Well, you certainly do a good job, your kids are cute as can be and it looks like the Holidays went off without a hitch! Very impressive... you are awesome! I dont' think I could do 1/2 of it honestly LOL!

Happy Holidays, and blessings for the New Year!

Lisa Guidry

Awesome idea for the pics. Thanks for the recipe and I also LOVE the UFC. Great fight last night!!!!!!

lori jolley

so were your kids totally amazed that the elves took pictures of Santa at your house? Mine loved it the year they took pictures at our house! It was so totally fun!

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