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June 29, 2006


Tawsha Stanford

I love these pictures of the kids! They look like they are so happy. Sheldon is jealouse that David won a 4-wheeler.


jealous of the 4 wheeler! I can't believe your little one is smiling through that torture! what a great baby!


FUN and FUN! First off, congrats on the new "toy"...what a FUN thing for your family! Seondly, I love these FUN pix of your kids!! My Mom used to make us do the exact thing when we'd get dirty and then when we'd run in the house in our undies all soaking wet our Dad would yell out "Look out for the naked jaybirds!!"...Good good memories...thanks for the smiles today! :O)



Oooo, sherelle...so glad I found your blog...love it here!!!

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