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September 03, 2015



I love this bread for breakfast, but I put in chopped walnuts and lemon peel.


For some reason our zucchini isn't doing as well this year and I'm so sad. :( I LOVE using zucchini in all sorts of recipes, but one of my faves is chocolate zucchini cake. It's similar to this - http://lickthebowlgood.blogspot.com/2010/09/summer-is-still-here.html - but I healthify it.

Sigi G

Yep, best way to use up the Zucchini! We loved our Zucchini Bread, when we lived in the country and had our big gardens. We later planted yellow zucchini - it was sweeter and didn't grow in such an abundance. Love your blog and all you share - recipes and farm life. Brings back sweet memories of our time on our Or'Land'ho! (Our Land Ho - as we called it). People at work would ask me where I went on my holidays and I always answered 'Or'Land'Oh Resort' :)!!


I LOVE zucchini bread recipes! I lost all my plants to the critters so I guess I'll have to see if anyone around is giving any away so I can try your recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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