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November 01, 2013


Marie Woods


What happened to you? Just looking for a recent post. Miss treading about you and your day with your family. Enjoy it very much.



Love the pictures!! The costumes are so cute!! Do you have your puppies in the house? Any potty training tips??


Love love love your pics and your kids!! They are so adorable. I look forward to sharing the holidays with your family via your pictures. And, I see there are puppies? Just love little pups!! Costumes are awesome. Thanks sooooooooooo much for allowing me into your world. Happy November and Autumn blessings to your family!!


All of your Halloween pictures are beautiful!! Holidays look like such fun at your home. What an awesome job you did on the costumes!! I love the picture of the puppy with the pumpkin! :)

Erin Turley

Darling! I love the picture of your Grandma Hudman & Kate!
❤ Erin


Hi: Your family is beautiful! I read back a couple years and looked at all your photos. I noticed you have 2 new puppies again. I hope this isn't too nosy, but do you still have May and June? The animals are so sweet. :)


The costumes really turned out well! Looks like tons of fun was had by all!


Wonderful costumes ! Love all your photos !

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