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May 19, 2013


Donna Martin

Tonight was quiet around our place, so I took a moment to google some things that make me happy. Just to cheer up after a tough day. "life on a farm" led me to your blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed your pictures and loved the video of the music and fiddles. Made my night!


I have been reading through your blog for about a year now and absolutely cannot get over the quality and color in your photographs. They are stunning! Do you mind sharing what kind of camera you use?

I am also obsessed with all your vintage country decor. I live in Alabama and although we are still relatively in the city, I yearn for more land and more space for gardening. I just got into canning last year with fruits and veggies from our garden and now I'm hooked! Keep up the good work! I love looking through all your pictures and recipes. You're family is precious! God bless you guys :)


Sherelle, your blog is very positive and beautiful! Your family is so beatiful!


Oh these pictures are simply beautiful. It is like you are living in your own little space of paradise. Thanks for sharing and cant wait to see some more pictures. How has your veggie garden been coming along? With this weird weather we had mine hasnt done so swell so Im definitely looking forward to summer gardening!


Oh I just love all your flowers!! Such a wonderful time of the year!!!


Lovely! I love seeing all the flowers this time of year, yours are just beautiful!

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