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December 17, 2010



Weird...I saw this recipe somewhere, printed it out and made them...except you set them in crushed peppermint (candy canes) after dipping in chocolate. Just a different twist and adds color. Yummy!


Before you make these cookies, I think there is something missing in the list of ingredients because the dough is dry. Sherelle lists shortening, but I think you need butter too (?)


Yes! Please share your symphony bar cookie recipe. Thank you.

Holly Child

I tried to make these this afternoon, and the dough didn't turn out...it was all crumbly. The directions mentioned butter, but it wasn't in the list of ingredients. Did I do something wrong?!


Our family favorite also!

alicia king

wow, look at all those cookies! yes share your symphony bar cookie recipe, {Levi just bought a couple yesterday} so we can make them today!


Sounds terrific! I have never tried dipping them in chocolate before....now I will try that! I think it is really great that you and Grace spend time baking together....that is how memories are made! How I miss my Mom....

Gretchen C

those look yummy!! and how sweet is your little girlie doing the dishes ;)

Josie Landon

I love the combination of molasses and white chocolate-- I make gingerbread biscotti that have a similar flavor. The cookies look wonderful and bless Grace's heart for thinking of bringing treats to others. :)

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