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January 03, 2008


Katie Weas

I am right there with you. My drink of choice is Dr. Pepper which I have drank almost every day since I was in High School. I decided to go cold turkey though and so far so good. I am on day 4 and no major problems. I am drinking a lot of water though so I think that helps flush it out. Good luck with yours!!!!!


Your pages are beautiful!! Good luck with kicking the dew habit...I have the problem with Classic Coke. Try carrying around a water bottle. I think it helps! And I am SO ready for spring!! Of course, It is only January and in Upstate NY...we get a TON of snow. A girl can dream...Happy New Year!!

Kim Rose

Let me know how you do it. I still need to kick the Diet Coke! I find for me it is more just something to sip on through out the day. I have gone back and forth between being off it then back on again.
I can say that when I have been off for a few months I really do feel better. The first week is just the hardest.
I sleep better too which seems to balance everything else.
Maybe we should forget all of the Scrap challenges and issue pop free challenges!

kristan martin

Sherelle, I know what you mean about spring fever. I've got it too and we live in MT and have a ton of snow and a long time to wait until it melts. I think I'd better try and appreciate the snow so I don't get depressed about spring being so far away. Good luck with your goals. You can do it, just take one day at a time and don't give up!

Kristan Martin


Losing weight is one of my resolutions too. I hope that I can stick to the treadmill too. I used to be a pepsiholic but I have cut back too. I still have one every now and then because I can't give it up completely. Good luck. Oh and thank you so much for sharing your beautiful blog. I love reading it everyday.

Ashley H.

I know how you feel...Liv is already asking me if we can go to the park and to the spray park! Poor girl has no concept of "in a few months" she just wants to go tomorrow! Maybe it will be a mild winter from here on out....or maybe not! :)

Andrea Sponenburgh

I am with you on trying to loose the baby weight, although you still look dang good...always have, always will I am sure! Good luck with the Mountain Dew, sounds tough but I am sure you can do it! By the way, I am still waiting for you to bring your kids over, seriously anytime! Give me a call. :)

Kristy Skoy

I have been hooked on Mt.Dew since high school. I finally a year ago cut it to one can a day. It has been working. I also started keeping a ice cold water bottle with me at all times. hat helped flush it out of my system. All though it did not keep the headaches away. I still have a Dew the second I get home from church... primary secretary is a killer! But I did find a help a couple months ago. When I am craving one without the headache. I have a Lemon-Lime Gatoraide. It is close in taste but no fizz or caffine. I am now down to a half a Dew only for headaches! Good Luck!

Deb Wisker

good luck with getting detoxed from the Mountain Dew. I know you'll do it! you'll see how easy the weight will melt off one you stop drinking soda!And it's so bad for your teeth too..you're doing a good thing for yourself! My son dropped 28 lbs in a month once he stopped drinking soda/pop. He wasn't obese, but had a gut and love handles. Now he's as trim as he was at 18!
Great pics as usual! Thanks for sharing!


I love reading your blog!! Thanks for sharing!
You children are adorable!!


Wow Sherelle! I am impressed! Mt Dew is the worst, for sure, as I was totally hooked on it myself (Diet Dew) for many years. I had to come off it slowly too and had a headache for about 3 days straight even with the weaning. I just took my usual amount and 1/2'd it each day and within a week I was off it. I tell ya too - I dropped 14 lbs in doing no pop - just that alone! Another good thing is to make sure you make your running time a "set" thing everyday. I have had to get crazy and get up at 4:45a.m. to get to the gym before the day "starts" for everyone at home, otherwise I dont' get to go. You make sure to put yourself first a bit - OK?! Can't wait to hear how it goes! If you need a buddy to check in with, I am willing! I have been pushing again hard since my surgery in Sept set me back so much!
Stay strong! You can do it!

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