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September 11, 2007


Jennifer Harless

Love your holiday ideas! You are unbelievably creative. Thanks for sharing. Your kids are adorable, too.

Shauna Benwell-Johnston

I'm from over the pond - love your ideas - would love the chance to win one of your fab books as it will be probably be Christmas 2008 before it arrives in the UK. Fab pictures - you are very talented.


After being determined not to get into Christmas yet- I am totally feeling he Christmas vibe after this post! I want to go make stuff right now!
Gorgeous kiddos :D

Linda Langes

I don't tire of seeing your beautiful photos Sherelle...and your Chrissy projects look great:-))

Joke BK

You have the most beautiful kids I've ever seen. I like your pictures ( yes all 1000! ) and all your creative stuff.
Keep going.


your children get more beautiful every day :)

Jessica Forbeck

I love your blog. All those Christmas project have me inspired! Thanks for sharing.


I just love looking at your photos of your children & your life. Your family has so much fun together & that is very important. I have red heads in my family & I just love that color. I hope what you read does not come true because I love their personalities with that color of hair. I also love viewing the projects you make. You are very talented.

Peggy Lee Baker

I look at your blog everyday sometimes more than once I love your style, and feeling of home. I wanted to ask where did you get the white and red flowers that are on the stocking. I love them.. I live in Whitefield, NH in the whitemountains.


Your kids are adorable--I love seeing all the cute pictures you take of them!


LOVE your ideas here, Sherelle. I hadn't stopped by in a while....gotta catch up! Would love to have that book....gotta spot all ready for it. :-)


I stumbled across your blog today and I've been reading a whole bunch:) Gotta say don't know how you keep it together, as a mother of 3 I barely can. Love the pics! Kinda interesting seeing the farm...being I'm from NYC..don't really see much of those. Love the Christmas projects I was actually looking for just that as I stumbled across your site...Lots of luck.

Amanda vp

I love reading your blog. I have 4 children too, similar ages. They are 2, 3, 5 and 6. You give me hope that, "yes, I can do it all!" Thanks.
Amanda van Pelt

Janet B

Well--I am always impressed when I visit your blog. You are such a talented photographer and the creations you post are so beautiful!

Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration. Janet B


Wow so many comments...
Thought I would come out of lurking and tell you how much fun I have reading your blog. Kind of a cute story...it helped me bond with my daughter. She turned 10 this summer and toward the end of the school year last year she would get cranky when it was time to "do" her hair. She is growing out her bangs and she would just fall apart. Well I showed her your cute hair pictures, and AHHHHH what a difference it has been doing her hair! We have been able to actually enjoy the time together.


The projects are so cute!


you are so very talented. I love all of the photos of your family and your inspiring projects.



I LOVE your blog and check it many times a week.....I would of left a comment sooner but was having my own "Baby Lily" on Thursday, I was a little busy. Thanks for sharing the many great ideas you have!!!


Love your blog!!!!!!!! Your children are gorgeous, your photography incredible and your projects sooooooo inspiring. I don't know how you do it all but you do it very well! Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to us all.


The book is amazing ... what fun projects. It gets me excited for Christmas!

Sherri P

Simply adorable!!!


Oh My!!! Your projects are fabulous and your children are so adorable. {I think every time I comment here I say how cute your babies are.} I would love to be added to the drawing for a book. What fun!! I did not know that this book existed - oh my goodness I'm totally missing out on something. If I don't win well then I guess you've just enabled me to go shopping and find one in my area *wink*. Oh pretty please, pick me - pick me. Hee Hee

michelle lanning

omg - what a happy surprise to see all the lovely pics of your fam - just beautiful - and I love those crafts that you made! Just perfect!


I believe you have the cutest kids EVER! So fun to watch them grow! Love your MM stuff too. GORGEOUS!


You have the most beautiful family and they are all so photogenic. I love reading your blog you are very creative and inspiring and a great writer too its always great to read your blog and see what you have to show whether it be crafty or family oriented. Your posts always inspire me to take more photos of my kids and do more scrapbooking. Thanks Anna


Just found your delightful blog. Love those holiday projects! Really gets my juices going to get started on some of my own. Thanks for sharing!


love your ideas from mm's new idea book. i definitely need to make that cute snowman, even if it is a kids craft. love it!


Love the projects you did especially that jar project. Cute photos of the kids too.


I absolutely love your work and seeing all of the adorable pictures of your kids! Thank you for sharing!!!


Looks like you're going to have a fun time drawing! :) I love the pictures from the book, especially the stocking! I'm hoping to get some made this season, and that got me all excited! Your kids are adorable! The blanket ride is a current fave at our house!

Brenda Carpenter

I am always so inspired by your layouts and projects - thanks for sharing them with us! I just had baby #4 8 weeks ago, and I have 3 girls and a boy too (in the same order as your!) Add me to the list of people amazed at how many great things you are able to create - it is truly inspiring!


What a cool book. Love all your ideas especially the ribbon wreath and the little snowman is cute too. I am partial to snowmen. Thanks for sharing all the neet ideas.


Girl, I cannot believe we're talking about Christmas and the holiday season already!!! Didn't we just start 2007???? Anyway, I love what you've shared...and can't wait to see when the local craft stores here will carry that new MM idea book--after all, one can nver have too much Christmas decorations!!!!


Wow, that's a lot of comments! I also love your blog, you always have sweet photos and I am always inspired by your projects!


Hi Sherelle, Your blog is one of my favs. I enjoy seeing the beautiful LOs of your adorable children and reading about your daily life. Your pics and projects are so enjoyable. My idea folder gets a lot of material from you! These Christmas ones are no exception; looks like a great book. It's amazing what you get done. Thanks so much for sharing!


I love your blog. Loved coming to the store when you owned it. It was the highlight of traveling through Idaho Falls. But...now I just check out your blog all the time. Such cute children, good sense, and beautiful ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.


When i see those projects, i can't wait to make something for christmas. I love your ideas very much. I hope that i can get this book here in holland because ,it looks like it will bring you a lot of fun creating things for a great christmas.


The weather here in PA is just beginning to cool, so your Christmas ideas came at just the right time-- Thanks! And keep sharing kid pictures and stories, they're just so precious!


Hi Sherelle,
I love looking at your blog. I have a daughter named Grace, too. You always have great ideas so I check in pretty often. Thanks for sharing.


OYE! Yet another idea book I "have" to have! MM never lets me down though... love everything they put out! Your ideas are super cute too!
Love the photos of your kids - they are so adorable! And your sisters too, what pretty girls.
Love to just look at photos and see how blessed we are - I am sure you do too!!!


I love the pictures on your blog. They are so bright and happy!
Thanks for the link to Pioneer Woman. I think she's SO funny.

Rhonda :)

All the projects are Awesome...and they really easy to make :)...that's always a plus for me ;-)...i really enjoy your blog and you have a beautiful family.

Krista DuBois

Your kids are so stinkin' cute! I wouldn't be able to keep the pics to myself either. Great projects... i dont know how you come up with this stuff- so creative!

Anouk Martin

Those projects look awesome. They would make great gifts. Your pictures are beautiful! The jammies are cute. Off to walmart to get my kids some.


Thanks for sharing a few teasers from the new MM idea book! I can't wait to see it and get some cool ideas! I'm sad that the Scrap Coop is gone though I'd never visited, I sure spent a lot calling in orders over the phone with your mom! ha ha! Anyways...just want to say I really enjoy reading your blog. It's one of my favorites, has great ideas for scrapping, making gifts, recipes, photography, hair style tips if I ever have a little girl I am so going to use some of the hair styles you posted on here! Thank you for always being so open with your readers! Take Care!

Jenn Lanza


I love the pictures you always share and also how creative you are!

Carrie Whiteley

Love, love, love your pics! I need more time and practice with my camera! Can't wait to see the new book with your adorable creations! Miss you at the Scrap Coop!!



The book and all your wonderful creations are just mind blowing!! Awesome photos of your family!


Love your MM Christmas goodies!!....especially the chenille stocking, just too cute! Your kiddles are simply adorable....the candid shots are so incredibly precious!

Carolyn Peeler

Hey Sherelle,
Your book projects look awesome. They are so lucky to have you on the team.
Your new floors look fabulous. I can't wait to see more photos of the finished renovation.

Elisabeth C

LOve the inspiration you always provide and your children are just too adorable!!


So cute! Adorable pictures - thanks for having a great giveaway! :)

Sarah W

your family is so lovely, who wouldn't wanna share tons of photos all of the time. congrats on the book! i simply love all of your projects, wish some of that creative energy would rub off on me and some of my endeavors. blessings!

Elizabeth Brooks

Your blog is beautiful!
Elizabeth Brooks (QLD Australia)


I love all of your pictures! Your kids are darling! And I love your craft projects! The christmas projects are fabulous! Its hard to believe its just around the corner


SO cute-projects and kiddos! I love the stocking, little hanger and the treat bags. I cannot wait to see all the goodies in the book! Looks like another fun and goodie packed book!

Trenda Poulter

Very cute! How do you have time to do all this stuff!? So jealous!


Very cute projects, love the jar & stocking. The P.J.'s are way cute to, the owls are the new craz. You sound so less stressed in your posts and like life is really good. Its good to hear that your enjoying life again. But I know that we ALL MISS YOU!!!!!


Those Holiday projects are so nice! I love the deep red with the sage green. You are so creative!

Great pictures of your family. Your children are adorable and they are always dressed so cute! Aren't those pj's from Walmart great, I was surprised when I saw them at my local walmart too. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

Danielle Farley

I just have to say how much I love visiting your website. I visit it practically everyday, I feel very connected to you because we have similar lifestyles, like you I have a lot of little ones always at my feet. My oldest just turned six and started kindergarten last week. He is my only boy and then I have a four year old, three year old, 18 month old, and two month old girls. I totally know that pregnancy on top of pregnancy feeling, not fun. I also work on the weekends at a cute little scrapbook store, which I love, especially for the little break even though I get to take my baby with me. She's my little working gal. And we both have a love for the Lord. I can't deny that I have an obsession for idea books, I love to get my hands on them and flip through them for inpiration. You definitely inspire me I can't tell you how many times I've gone to your blog to get ideas, so I would definitely love the new MM idea book. I'm definitely going to make my kids each a stocking, those are adorable! And don't apologize for posting a lot of pics of your kids, that's what drew me to your blog in the first place. It shows how much you love them.

Claire-Ann Hill

Christmas has truly become a fun season again, now that decorations are much less formal and stiff looking. It has always been so joyous but now more relaxed again.

I have always enjoyed the photos of your adorable family...you either have the cutest kids in the world or you are an amazing photographer....personally, I think it's both!

Tracy Schmitt

What wonderful inspiration you have given me. Now that it is fall, it's time to start projects for the holidays. Love the pics of your kids and your photoshoots. Thanks for sharing,

Jen Cozzens

Love your blog and your beautiful projects! Can't wait to see your projects in the new book! And you can't go wrong with pictures. Love them! PS. I use your chore charts with our girls and they love them. Thanks!


I absolutely love your style of scrapbooking, and love reading your blog. We have a 3 year old daughter with really thick long hair so I look forward to seeing what you have done with your daughters hair.


adorable children. I would LOVE to win one of the new books! Just love your projects!!

Tammy S.

Love your work and all of the pictures you take! I just found your blog today.


What a cute family you have!! Thanks for sharing your ideas, and pictures. I love the Walmart p.j.'s they are darling, I will have to check my local Walmart and see if they have them for my little one. After having a sick baby for 6 days.. with very little sleep... I was so happy and looking forward to see your post with all the cute pictures, I can't wait to have a happy baby again so I can start snapping the pictures :)


I love how bribery always gets all of us lurkers to come out and post. Love your pictures--you have a great eye for taking them. The craft book is too cute!


I love this blog. It gives me motivation to get stuff done with all the great ideas you post.Your pictures are great I hope one day I can make mine look that good.


I always find such inspiration on your blog and love your country living. You have a beautiful family.


Jennifer De Los Santos

Just to let you know I don't mind seeing pics of your beautiful family. I love your crafts.


Love the holiday projects! Your pictures are always so adoreable :)

Tammy D

Your pictures are ALWAYS so cute! but how could they not be with such cute kids? I love taking pictures of all the fun things Zaine does and I only have the one right now and he has a ton of pictures. And I love the projects, especially the stocking and the sock snowman. You are just amazing!


Sherelle.... I love the how my pictures turned out. There were not the most desired pictures ever but for a big belly, they look good. I cant believe how cute the owl jammies are!!! Its kind of sad not to wake up to all your kids every day. Well hope that everyone is feeling good and that there is no more geraldines episodes in the future. Love ya :)


I LOVE your blog and all the darling pictures - love the one of your daughter feeding her baby and your son with the train on the window sill !!! Your Christmas stocking is so stinkin' cute !!! LOVE IT !!! The ribbon wreath would be so cute to have hanging on all the doors of my house and the scrapbook store - Thank you for sharing - Marvelous way to start the day - Carole


Love the pictures, love your blog.


Thank you so much for sharing your holiday projects. I love them all. Where do you find time to do all this stuff?!?

Your pictures of the kids are always so fun - what little cuties! I need to go find some of those owl jammmies!

Love your blog. Love give-aways too!

Megan Mill

hello again. thanks for the mo'jackson referral. i've already spent $50 downloading! i love that site!! definately do not keep your cutie pie kids to yourself! they are beautiful! kate is so so so sweet. i don't know if you remember but i also have four kids very similar in age, my youngest being 11 months. so it is fun to see the pics you post and then steal/borrow your ideas to take pics of my own. if we lived closer, our boys would be best friends!!! the pic of russ lining up his tractors in the window is like deja vue. thank you thank you for all you do. you are an inspiration. p.s. when do you find time to make bread!?


You have the cutest kids alive! I love the great pictures you capture of them. I always look forward to your blog. Keep it up!

Kirsty Campbell

This has got to be THE most popular blog
wooo hooo!! OH TO BE FAMOUS AND FABULOUS SUCH AS YOURSELF! absolutely adore your work and your little kidlings soooo cute! and I say thanks for the cute photos I love seeing them change and grow! Thanks for sharing

Kim Allsup

I think your ideas are the "BEST" I love reading your blog and enjoy trying your ideas thanks so much for sharing....



Love, love, love everything you create. And those are super cute owl p.j.s. My little Livy needs some.

fran heupel

Wow Sherelle,
your projects are wonderful. Thanks for posting them and giving us the chance to win such a wonderful book.
Love all the new pictures of your beautiful family.

Thanks for sharing a part of you with us.

Fran Heupel

Robyn Longhurst

Good gravy! Look at the number of comments you've received. How flattering! I'm sure everyone loves the photos you share on this blog, that's why I read it - it's not just boring text - I need visuals, baby!
I don't think I've ever won something on a blog, so here's my first shot at it!

Lori Hedges

I enjoy reading your blog. I'd love to win a copy of the MM book. Crossing my fingers. Lori

Dawn Knapp

Hi Sherelle. I LOVE all your creations. Can't wait to start all my christmas projects. And, as always, your photographs are so beautiful. It helps when you have such cute subjects!


I always love your cute stockings that you make! I had no idea that your sister was expecting, tell her Congratulations! so exciting!


I wouldn't be able to keep them to myself either...can't wait for my grandkids!

Lesa M

As always your blog is so cute and inspiring. Your kids are adorable!!

Kristy Skoy

I cant believe how may comments there are already! You are one popular lady!! I love your photos. I post more photos than text on my blog too. I love your projects, they are so inspirational! I am so in need of Ideas for christmas! Please I NEED that book!! Love your blog!


I love looking at all your pictures, so keep them coming. You are very crafty and now have me in the mood for Christmas! :)


I just found your blog - how awesome is that! That Making memories idea book looks awesome!


Wow - love your projects!! :)

Just neeeeeed this book as I love Christmas so much - so I'm hoping I might be really, really lucky!! :)

Take care :)


MaryRuth Francks

The book looks so great!!! Love the projects you made for it! Would love to win it!!!


Keep the pictures coming! ;) Those projects are rockin' and your kids are adorable! I'm loving owl prints too...gotta check out Wal Mart??!! LOL

Andrea UK

Your photography is amazing! You always seem to capture so much emotion in your pictures. I am improving, but looking at your pics are always an incentive to keep trying!! Those Christmas projects are amazing!!! I just love homemade gifts and decorations too. The jars is so pretty and I am after altering some for journal jars (so thanks for sharing). The ribbon wreath and stocking are adorable!!


Your blog is saved in my favorites and I check it daily to see what new inspiration you have posted. I am just a southern girl who stumbled apon your blog somehow back in the spring and I am addicted. We moved to Boise Idaho a few years ago from Georgia. I have not really met anyone here that I have clicked with creative wise and that even comes close to my bestfriend back home, so when I found your blog and read you lived in Idaho too it was inspiring. Thanks for all your time and ideas you put into your blog for everyone to see.


Awesome ribbon wreath and I love that snowman craft idea! We'll be doing that one for sure! Please don't stop sharing all the photos. They are so much fun to see.
Also-love those pj's!

kristan martin

Sherelle, I can't believe how you get things done! You just got that book and got those projects made already? I'm feeling super motivated now!
I'm a picture person too and I believe it is absolutely impossible to have too many pictures, especially of your family!

Ellen Patton

I'm a red head and I hope red hair won't be extinct! I always enjoy your photos and your ideas are so cool. Thanks!

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