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March 27, 2007



Well it's gorgeous! And yes I can believe it. :) Your daughter is just adorable and the layout is too.

Tanya Ellis

Great job Sherelle.. Congrats to you!!


Congrats on being a "cover girl" Sherelle! How exciting!


Carrie Whiteley

CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting to have your page on the cover! I'm actually surprised that that hasn't happened before since your pages & kids are so dang cute!! Keep up the great work!


Wow, what a compliment to you...the page is beautiful as is the little girl!

Kristy Skoy

Congratulations! That is really exciting! Its a really great layout. I really like you digi layout also. I am all digi now and I really like to look at your digi work.

Debbie Cook

i spotted your work right off when i got my mag. fabulous layout! had me smiling from the first page! congratualtions!
adorable digi, too. so talented. love it! :)


Congratulations on the cover, Sherelle! Love that layout! :)


Congrats! I can't wait for mine to come so I can see it in person. You create beautiful work!


Congrats on your cover layout Sherelle!! So cute... both the cover and Grace!!


Congratulations on the cover!!


way to go on the cover!! As always, you create beautifully!


Congats on the cover. The page is beautiful!!


Congats on the cover. The page is beautiful!!


Congratulations Sherelle! Beautiful cover and beautiful litttle girl!


Beautiful work! I know that feels good to see something you created on the cover of a magazine! And Grace is such sweet subject matter....she's a cutie!


What a cute cover. I love the bright colors in your layout.

Dawn Knapp

Hi Sherelle. I've been stalking your blog for a couple weeks now and just wanted to let you know how much I admire your work! Congrats on making the cover!! You deserve it!


Congratulations! What a beautiful page to grace the cover with!!


OH CONGRATS-CONGRATS, congratulations all around!!! How fun for you, and you TOTALLY deserve it! What a cutie that girl of yours is! And SUCH a cute page (or is it a cover, I can't tell)! Hmmm, you're making my mind buzz... :)

Tammy D

Congratulations on the cover! That is awesome! Can't wait to get my copy.


Congratulations! I'm thrilled for you.

Shelly B.

I saw this at The Coop the other day and I am so excited for you! What a cute little cover girl she is!

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