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February 08, 2007


Jill Scott

I loved the valentines you made for your daughter and I want to start on mine for next year. Can you tell me what software program you used for designing these? Thank you!

stephanie howell

you are beyond super mom!!
i'm a 2nd grade teacher, and i've gotta tell you, i've never seen valentines this precious!


Super cute! Oh boy - not much time left to come up with 2 sets for my girls! lol


Beautiful! I absolutely Love them. Great Idea! I love vintage valentines.

Patty S

great idea - they turned out so cute! TFS! :-)

Kandis Smith

Totally cute!!! When my kids are in school-totally borrowing this idea!!


you NEVER cease to amaze me!


Those are way too cute!!!! Love em!!

Shelly B.

Darling...as always!


How adorable.. personalized and fun to do with your daughter!


WOW great valentine's. I never thought of doing the digital thing. Guess what I will be putting together this weekend!
Have a wonderful day!


HOLY FREAKING CRAP! Your kids are so lucky! Mine are totally jealous! I bet if you put that card on CD you would sell tons of them in your store! (hint hint hint). lol.


that's so sweet and great job, too. We make our own each year, too, and the kids just love it. Granted, nothing as cool as yours, but they sure enjoy drawing a picture for each individual friend.

kirsty campbell

Oh these are to die for, I want one LOL we just dont get into like that in Australia but hey maybe i can start a new tradition and make them my DD
always love seeing anything you create
Kirsty (the aussie chick)

Ellen Patton

They're adorable! I bet they will be everyone's favorite.


I really like the valentines you and your mom made together. Your friends should like them very much.
I hope you get some pretty ones in return.
Valentine's Day was always one of my favorite days to celebrate when I was a girl your age.
I'm a grandma now..and I still like Valentines!!!
M,C,Z,E&E's mimi


So cute. I love the personalization with Grace's photo. Have a wonderful Valentines Day!


You are way too good! I have been having a guilt trip about buying the cheezy store bought ones. I still have a week! You've motivated me once again!

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