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Heather McDonald

What a beautiful photo! You're so blessed to have your grandparents in your life still. I would give anything to have mine again...I treasure all the memories with them. Your poor grandma...it's so sad to think there are people out there like that.

Michelle Philippi

You know what's neat is when you can visibly see a family trait passed down from generation to generation. You can really see some of your grandmother in your and also in your youngest. And as for scammers...yeah. Sad state when we are preying on our seniors to make a buck.

Roseann O'Brien

I am sorry you had to deal with the scam and an elderly grandparent. I had the same thing happen with my aunt and it became very horrible. You need to make certain that your relative REALLY understands this is a scam and that anyone who calls her on the phone requesting money for anything is not to be trusted unless one of you check it out first and see if the call is true. By the way, I love your website. You are such a wonderful photographer and it is nice to see the musicians in training. All 3 of my boys play the bass as well as a variety of other instruments. It is so much fun for everyone. Keep up the good work.

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